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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homemade Track Cleaning Cars

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The New York Central Train Layout Maintenance of Way Department recently requested additional track cleaning cars. The MOW Dept is seeking to reduce the amount of manual track cleaning needed to keep everything running smoothly with a continuous  routine cleaning by train.

The NYCTL currently has four track cleaning cars on the roster. Walther's 40' boxcars in NH, CSX and UP liveries and a 40' REA boxcar from Rivarossi. While the cars do a decent job cleaning the track they require constant cleaning to keep their pads clean and working well. These cars also create a lot of drag on the engines and should be placed at the front of the train. Right now the purchase price of these types of cars is about $21.00 and a replacement pad about $6.00. Other cars from different manufacturers go from over $100.00 to $50.00.

The NYCTL MOW Dept came up with a cost saving solution that allows the usage of cars currently on the roster and materials currently in stock in the NYCTL warehouse.

A 1&1/16th" x 1&1/4" piece of hardboard mounted on a 1&1/16th" x 2" piece of hardboard and 2  1&1/2" finish nails were all that are required for this project. 
 The top is painted black an the sides will be as well to camouflage the assembly. Two small holes drilled into the car allow the entire assembly to easily move up & down over rail joints, dips, etc.  

Here is the car in the Pacemaker consist 

A Lehigh Valley 40' boxcar sports a track cleaning slider assembly

A Chessie 40' Boxcar with a slider assembly
If you are going to cut and make a mess cut a bunch of replacement pads. This size is an exact fit for the Walther's and Rivarossi cars on the roster.

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