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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fleet Upgrades / Metal Wheel Sets

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past rainy weekend has allowed me to focus on some long over due fleet upgrades in the form of metal wheel sets. When I started model railroading most H.O. Scale ready to run rolling stock and kits came with horn hook couplers and plastic wheels. In many cases the horn hook couplers were truck mounted. Over the past 20 years I have accumulated much and have been busy getting my fleet up to snuff so to speak. A slow but steady effort of converting truck mounted horn hook couplers to body mounted knuckle couplers has been ongoing. Another slow and steady program has been the retrofitting of these cars with metal wheel sets. Here is a look at some of the progress made this past rainy weekend;

Athearn BB SCL 40' Hi-Cube, Athearn BB 50 Gondola, two custom painted Mantua 40' boxcars aand an IHC covered hopper are now layout ready with knuckle couplers and metal wheels. Some of these cars have been awaiting a metal wheel upgrade for 15 years.

IHC covered hoppers, Athearn BB flat car, IHC covered hopper showcase their newly installed metal wheels

A 5 car set of Athearn BB Gundersen Husky Stack cars have received new Intermountain metal wheels. Another job 10+ years in the making

Two IHC covered hoppers and two Athearn BB Pennsylvania Railroad cars recently upgraded with metal wheels

Athearn BB PRR Coach with 3 IHC 50' insulated boxcars now ready for service with upgraded wheels

IHC Lehigh Valley NIRX Boxcars, Athearn BB 85' trailer flat and two IHC covered hoppers round out this portion of fleet upgrades. 
 Two IHC Covered Hoppers equipped with body mounted knuckle couplers and metal wheels.


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