Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Newly Painted Freight Cars

Greetings Blog Followers,

I have finally finished painting and lettering three freight cars that I have been working on this past week. The cars were stripped of their factory paint, sprayed with a rattle can Jade green and lettered using Microscale decals. I think the cars came out nice and they are now ready for revenue service.

PC 167346 is a Bachmann 40' Hi-Cube Boxcar. Originally painted and lettered for the CB&Q. This car was one of my first boxcars and one of my first weathering attempts that did not come out that great. I have two additional CB&Q Bachmann 40' Hi-Cubes which relegated this car to the box for many years. Now that it is repainted and lettered it will enjoy a lot of revenue service on the layout.

NYC 75509 is a Mantua Heavyweight Classic formerly painted in an extremely bright yellow and lettered for Railbox. I used the large NYC System oval on this car.

NYC 49577 is also a Mantua Heavyweight Classic that was formerly a Railbox Car. I bought these two cars last year at a clearance sale with the intent of repainting them. This car received a smaller NYC System oval. 

End view of newly painted and lettered PC 167346. Car received excess height warnings and end reporting marks and numbers. The two cars behind PC 167346 are also custom painted PC cars that I completed last year. These cars are featured in a blog post from November 2012.

End view of newly painted and lettered NYC 75509. Cars in background are other NYC cars that I custom painted.

A shot of the eight cars that I have stripped, repainted and lettered for use on my layout. This shot shows the NYC end of things

 A shot of the same eight cars from the PC end

The switch crew admires the newly painted cars 

The switch crew resigns themselves to the fact that this will be the way of their future. The switcher is a Proto 2000 SW8 

The crew talk it over and ask themselves, "what's with the mating worms?" Seeing their a NYC crew the are happy that the cars are jade green and not the dreaded oxide brown of the PRR.

The eight cars that I have custom painted so far. The red caboose is Clinchfield 1064 on loan from the Southeastern Railway Museum for local switching. The caboose is a custom painted Athearn Blue Box car with horns, bells and other features. The car is a replica of the actual CRR 1064 used daily at the S.R.M. The car was painted and lettered by my good friend Sam R. Sam presented this car to me as a gift and it seems to always find itself in the middle of the action. 

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