Custom Painted P-2000 units

Thursday, March 28, 2013

COFC / TOFC / Auto Racks

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Rail fans were commenting on an interesting train that passed through Empire City this past week. A group of TOFC flat cars with mostly 20' containers on chassis' followed by some empty auto racks. Don't see containers riding as trailers everyday but they sure made a good looking train.

 Two NYC SW8s hauling a group of TOFC flatcars with 20' containers mounted on chassis'

The train has passed over Empire city Station

The SW8s on point

A close up. Two Walther's 73' TOFC flatcars with Athearn Containers and Chassis' The remainder of the TOFC flats are 85' Athearn models

Empty Auto racks bring up the rear 
A trio of GP35s passes on the inner track. 

 Custom painted Athearn Penn Central and New York Central GP35s with a Bachmann Plus GP35 haul a freight train through Empire City.

Monday, March 25, 2013

BNSF Qualifying Run

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Big doings this week at Empire City Station. Train Lifers gathered en mass to see one of their own running his final qualifying engineer run. He passed with flying colors and is now a fully certified BNSF engineer. Congratulations!