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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Leased Power II

Greetings Blog Followers,

The Holiday Season continues at Empire City with passenger trains heavy with mail and express car, freight is moving at record levels and motive power is running short. Additional leased power has been authorized and the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority as sent over two Long Island Railroad Alco FA units numbered 607. I will need to renumber one of these units eventually. The real LIRR #607 was acquired from the Western Maryland RR and formerly numbered 303 in 1951. It served the LIRR until 2001 when it went to a a private owner. It has been repainted as WM #303. The model trains are from Walther's.

Leased Power put right to work on the New York Central Layout 

LIRR #607 has a fregith train in tow as it passes through Empire City

Empire City Rail fans did a double take as these units passed through Empire City. 

 Another busy day in Empire City.

LIRR FA units head through Empire City under the watchful eye of a brother Alco FA of the home railroad. 

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