Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Prestage Tool & Gear

Greetings Blog Followers, I recently added a refurbished building to my New York Central Train Layout.. I believe the kit is from Pola but I do not remember it's original title on the box. I built the kit about 20 years ago and modified it a bit with the hoist location and raised foundation. I was looking for a small industrial building to tuck in next to the overpass and this building fit the scene perfectly. I was looking through my parts box and found some pallets with gears that I had also made a long time ago from a broken alarm clock. A check of my printed backdrop buildings and signs courtesy of Tomkat-13 on the Model railroader forums and I found the Prestage Tool & Gears signs. Seemed like a perfect match so the signs were applied and the building now occupies this site.

Prestage Tool & Gear at it's new location and open for business 

Track side view

Two workers talk it over as they wait for the local train to arrive.

Both agree the new site is a vast improvement over their old location.  

A customer gets ready to load up his truck with a recent purchase


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