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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cargill Grain Elevator

A Walther's ADM Grain elevator kit has been built and added to the growing list of industries for my New York Central Train Layout. Instead of the ADM decals I used the Cargill decals that were included with the kit. The Cargill decals looked good and I actually have a Cargill covered hopper car among the fleet of many that I seem to have stockpiled over the years. These types of cars are some of my favorites and I always seemed to end up with one or two kits when I returned from my local hobby shop or train show. Of course I am always on the lookout for any cars lettered for the NYC and have a few on the roster as well. 

As of this writing the final location of the Cargill Grain Elevator has yet to be determined. Visitors to this blog may be surprised to see it in a different location as I continue to post pictures of the layout.

Here is the Grain Elevator at it's first location. It has since moved on for a trial run back in the more industrial area of the layout.


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