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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Penn Central Car Movement #43C

Greetings All,

Welcome back to the P.C.C.M. 43 series. We wrap up the origination portion today. We'll start it off with some yard switching and close it out with the dispatch of PC Train LI-1. Train LI-1 was an actual PC train that rain daily leaving from Oak Point Yard in the Bronx NY at 04:00 AM for Selkirk NY with a scheduled arrival time at 12:00 PM.

To: Selkirk, West Mill, Zenith Yard
From: Terminal Yard
Dispatch of Train LI-1 (Empire City to Selkirk)

With all freight cars heading to the K.P.D. and L.F.N.W. now in Terminal Yard it's time to put together a switch list and blocking order.
With the blocking order and switch list prepared the Terminal Yard switching crew gets busy pulling E.B.R.R. caboose 1604 from the rear of the Empire Belt transfer run. Terminal Yard power today is a pair of PRR FM H16-44s. Of the Penn Central's 38 H16-44s the PRR contributed 10. The PC will round up all FM H16-44s and assign them to Chicago to be closer to their Beloit WI parts supply.
Freight cars from Empire City are at the bottom of the photo and freight cars from Bedford are at the top. The switch crew will be working both of these trains to build outbound train LI-1
Getting down to business the switch crew has spotted NYC caboose 21698 on track 6 where they will start building LI-1.
The Selkirk block is now in place. PC depressed center flatcar 766053 will be cut off at Selkirk for storage. L.F.N.W. 50' boxcar 160 and GN 40' boxcar 3630 will be removed at Selkirk and transferred to train LS-1 where they'll travel to Elkhart IN for inclusion in train BN-1 that will take them to Chicago to interchange with western railroads for their journey to John B's California based L.F.N.W. layout.
Three Penn Central gondolas make up the West Mill transfer to Williams Yard block. PC 576104 & 576123 are loaded with scrap for Kings Port Steel and PC Gondola 288673 is loaded with pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop.
The IC and TP&W boxcars are consigned to industries in Kings Port NY, PC 77047 will be heading to Marion NY, the NYC Pacemaker car and PC 360063 will be headed to Bloomberg NY. 
P&LE and GM&O boxcar along with the Cargill covered hopper are all headed to industries in Mayfield NY
The crew has doubled over to track 7 to continue buiding this outbound train. BM 109 and 110 will be be going to Corning NY and NYC 80775 is headed to Canton box in West Mill proper.
The yard crew has added five empty covered hoppers for Empire Grain also within the city of West Mill. 
Oops! BM 105 was left out of train LI-1. Obviously an office error. The crew will have to place it in the proper block.
BM 105 loaded with printed packaging for Blue Ribbon Flour is placed at the rear of the West Mill transfer to Williams Yard block. The crew is using their collective heads here. Putting BM 105 behind the gondolas eliminates having to add a buffer car at Selkirk once the cars for the L.F.N.W. are pulled. BM 105 will protect the men in the caboose in case any of the pipes in PC 288673 come loose. The pipes are just above the top of the car necessitating this protective move.
The power is in place, the crew is on board a terminal air test will be performed once they connect to the rest of the train on track 6. 

LI-1 has left Terminal Yard and is coming downgrade behind Hudson Coal.

Next stop Selkirk!!!!

It's a wrap! P.C.C.M. 43 now moves onto Ralph's K.P.D. 
and then John B's L.F.N.W. 
Thanks for reading and watching!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Penn Central Car Movement #43B

Greetings All,

Welcome back to the Penn Central Car Movement 43 series! The gathering of freight cars to send out to Ralph's K.P.D. layout and John B's L.F.N.W. layout continues with our focus on Empire City industries and the Long Island Railroad transferring freight cars with the Empire Belt RR at North Side Yard. 

We'll start the action at the Empire Belt's North Side Yard with 1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal and conductor John R. going over their switching moves.
1/87th scale Sir Neal shoves this cut of cars towards the east side of Empire City no doubt recalling the cheesy UP "We can handle it " commercials. The UP 'we can handle it" slogan began appearing in 1972. You can almost hear 1/87th scale Sir Neal shouting the Empire Belt can handle it! The A.P.R.R. can handle it!
The Empire Belt crew has plenty of work today on the east side.  Cargill, Gervais Pipe & Fitting and Ralph's Grocery Warehouse all need to be switched. Cargill hopper TLDX 7241 is loaded with barely for Cavendish Fine Foods & Spirits in Mayfield NY. Penn Central gondola 288673 loaded with pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop will be heading to Williams Yard in Kings Port NY.
Some quick car shuffling by 1/87th scale Sir Neal and conductor John R. has these two cars going to the Kings Port Division coupled together. These 1/87th scale guys are good!
The crew pulls these empties from Ralph's Grocery Warehouse. Rock Island 35062 will be heading off to American Hardware in Bedford Park on an intra layout move.
With the east side work completed the crew is now on the west side switching out Superior Furniture. Empty 50' BM RBL's 109 &110 will be headed back to Corning Glass Works in Corning NY. Corning NY got it's name from Erastus Corning, who was the first president of the New York Central among his many other accomplishments.   
Next stop is Moore & Company where the crew will pick up the old warhorse NYC Pacemaker car loaded with burlap bags for Agway in Bloomberg NY and PC 40' boxcar 77047 loaded with burlap bags for Hedberg Aggregates in Marion NY. 
1/87th scale Sir Neal has shoved back on the siding to pick up NYC 50' boxcar 80775 loaded with drums of ink for Canton Box in West Mill NY. The bar patron behind the boxcar pays no attention as he takes care of his own business.
Rut-roh. An Empire City Police Officer is at the grade crossing letting 1/87th scale conductor John R know he'll be be keeping time of how long the grade crossing will be blocked. Viewers can see that the E.B.R.R. crew has cut their train while working the west side to keep the amount of time they block the crossing to a minimum. 1/87th scale Sir Neal is waiting for the hand signal to shove back and couple up the bulkhead flat. 
As usual the crew is on top of their game and the grade crossing is now open well under the allotted time. As for this sudden grade crossing interest by the E.C.P.D. only one thing comes to mind. Rookies....
With that drama out of the way the crew is back at North Side Yard putting together outbound trains for Terminal Yard and the L.I.R.R. transfer that is due in shortly. The PC depressed center flat 766053 will be heading empty to Selkirk where it will be stored until it's next assignment. TP&W 40' boxcar 627 was loaded with steel wool fibers at Walsh's Steel Wool Products in our last P.C.C.M. and is now ready to head out of town to Boom's ready mix in Kings Port NY. 
And like clockwork here comes the L.I.R.R. transfer run behind an Alco RS-1 in the 1964 World's Fair scheme. The L.I.R.R. was later bought by the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Authority from the Pennyslvania RR in 1966 for $65 million dollars. The train is inspected by Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B as it heads for Empire City and North Side Yard.
With deer season now over Long Island processors have loaded Great Northern 40' boxcar 3630 with animal hides. What?! That will ruin the car. Not so fast the hides are shrink wrapped. An interesting story that we'll get to the bottom of once the car reaches the Port of Oakland on John B's layout. Behind GN 3630 are Penn Central gondolas 576104 and 576123 loaded with scrap from Gershow Recycling for Kings Port Steel in...Kings Port NY.
The L.I.R.R. arrives today via the west side reverse track. This move is done when North Side Yard is at full capacity which is the case today. 
L.I.R.R. caboose C-91 protects the shove back on the industrial lead. The L.I.R.R. crew will switch over to the track on the right and then switch out their inbound and outbound cars at North Side Yard.
The work at North Side Yard completed the L.I.R.R. train heads out of town over the Empire City viaduct.
The nattily attired L.I.R.R. RS-1 makes it's way thru Bedford NY past a string of loaded coal hoppers. For more on the 1964-65 Worlds fair and the L.I.R.R. participation click here
Caboose C-91 brings up the markers at Bedford Station. Not far behind will be 1/87th scale Sir Neal with the Empire Belt transfer run to Terminal Yard.
The E.B.R.R. is on the High Line. Not taking any chances with the GN car of hides it's placed well away from the engine and caboose.
Empty P&E 40' boxcar came in on the tail end of the L.I.R.R. transfer run. Here it heads to Terminal Yard and it will be eventually sent out to Berk Enterprises in Bedford NY as an intra layout move. PC depressed center flat 766053 will be centrally stored at Selkirk until needed.
PC 77047, NYC Pacemaker, NYC 80775 and TLDX 7241 are all loaded and earning much needed revenue.
A loaded PC gondola adds to the coffers being trailed by two empty RBL's in pool service out of Corning Glass.
1/87th scale Sir Neal gets the green light from Bedford Tower operator John B. as he proceeds towards Terminal Yard.
A short time later E.B.R.R. 7278 leads the consist under the Terminal Yard control tower and down the yard throat towards the arrival tracks.
Tomorrow we'll wrap it up with the Terminal Yard switch crew and the dispatch of Train LI-1 that will take our virtual ops cars to Selkirk where they'll be interchanged into trains for Ralph's K.P.D. layout and John B's L.F.N.W. layout. 

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Penn Central Car Movement #43A

Greetings All,

Penn Central Car Movement series 43 begins today on the N.Y.C.T.L. I'm really looking looking forward to this P.C.C.M. as it comes right on the heels of the the Penn Central's 50th Anniversary. The 43 series will feature three layouts this round, mine, Ralph's K.P.D. and John B's L.F.N.W.

We'll start the action at Bedford Park with 1/87th scale PC Ralph breaking in 1/87th scale AT JOE on the Bedford Park operations. 
Their initial assignment will be pulling loaded boxcars from American Hardware Supply and then working the Ford Plant. We'll follow that up with 1/87th scale Engineer Ed working the Bedford Local. 

To: West Mill, Zenith Yard
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of Trains BP-12 and Bedford Local

Terminal Yard out...

Alco RS-1 #9921 still in PRR paint but renumbered into the Penn Central builds up the air pressure while 1/87th scale PC Ralph and AT JOE go over their switching plan. P&LE 35892 is loaded with bulk hardware for Peerless Appliance and GM&O 21129 is loaded with bulk hardware for ACME Auto Parts. Both consignees are located in Mayfield NY on Ralph's layout.
1/87th scale PC Ralph has pulled out two loaded auto racks and is now coupling up to an empty CB&Q 86' auto parts boxcar while AT JOE waits to attach the air hoses..
Two empty 86' boxcars are shoved back and coupled to the loaded 40' boxcars. 1/87th scale AT JOE has the air hoses connected and they'll be off for Terminal Yard as Penn Central Train BP-12
BP-12 hauls the Penn Central's most profitable rail traffic towards Terminal Yard.  RS-1 9921 was built in June 1950 as PRR 5621. The 9921 primarily worked out of Buffalo until being transferred to the N.Y.C.T.L. for use at Bedford Park.
BP-12 arrives at Terminal Yard
1/87th scale PC Ralph guides BP-12 thru track #8. This train's quick turnaround will have it hauling the steel coil loaded gondolas on track 7 right back to the Bedford Park Ford Plant as train BP-41.
1/87th scale PC Ralph and AT JOE take a minute to discuss their next moves while they wait for Train BP-41 to build air pressure. Note the high priority Multi-Level train being put together at the rear of the photo
It might be a local but make no mistake about it BP-41 is a high priority train. Hot cars. Rush cars. Shutdown cars. All are part of the daily operations of the Bedford Park train crews. With coiled steel and loaded 60' auto parts cars BP-41 quickly makes it's way thru Bedford back towards the Ford Plant to keep the car production assembly line humming along..  
Next out of Terminal Yard will be the Bedford Local with 1/87th scale Engineer Ed at the throttle. The Penn Central had 38 of the 1,600 hp FM H16-44s on their roster. The NYC contributed 13 and all remained in NYC paint. All Penn Central H16-44s were retired by the end of 1970.  
The Bedford Local rolls past University Milling and towards Berk Enterprises. All six cars shown on the siding need to be pulled. PC 50' boxcar #360063 is loaded with printed adhesive backed labels for Van Winkle Canning in Bloomberg NY and BM 105 is loaded with printed packaging for Blue Ribbon Flour in Kings Port NY. 
Before the crew can deal with that  they must first work the  Heileman Brewery siding. L.F.N.W. 50' boxcar 160 is loaded with cases of beer and will be heading to the West Coast to be spotted at the team track in West Egg, CA on John B's layout. IC 40' boxcar 30130 also loaded with beer will be delivered to Reynolds Beverage in Kings Port NY on Ralph's layout.
The Local has pulled the loaded PC and BM boxcars from Berk Enterprises and couples them up to the cars from Heileman Brewery. The guys still have some work to do here spotting cars at Hostess, Berk and University Milling.
The switching done 1/87th scale Engineer Ed heads for the High Line and the Empire City west side reverse curve. Below he gets the high ball and roll by inspection from Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B.
Hohman Ave Tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D. has lined the tracks for the reverse curve and is out to greet the crew. 
1/87th scale Double E heads back thru Bedford towards Terminal Yard with the four virtual ops cars blocked together. Nice work EE!
The Bedford local arrives back at Terminal Yard and is now off the sheet.
Tomorrow we'll continue with action from Empire City and catch the L.I.R.R. transfer run.

Thanks for reading!