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Saturday, August 19, 2017

P.C.C.M. 38 / Dispatch of Unit Coal Train URN-3

Greetings All,

To:         West Mill and Rock Ridge Yards
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Unit Coal Train URN-3

All during the P.C.C.M. 37 concluding episodes on the N.Y.C.T.L. the Coal Job was spotted during various installments. This was done to set up the dispatch of PC Unit Coal Train URN-3 (Terminal Yard - West Mill). 

After arriving at West Mill on Ralph's K.P.D. layout URN-3 will be divided into a block of coal hoppers for the KP&W / B&O train to the Genesee coal docks in Rochester NY and the remainder of the coal hoppers will then be forwarded from West Mill to Rock Ridge Yard via Weehawken Yard on 1:1 scale Sir Neal's A.P.R.R. layout. So I'll originate the action today and you can follow the coal train as it arrives at West Mill on the K.P.D. and progresses to Weehawken and Rock Ridge on the A.P.R.R.  

The Coal Job with two AlCO RS units works Hudson Coal as a trio of GP20 rescue engines pass by on their way to Bedford Park.
1/87th scale PC Ralph is passing a block of coal hoppers at Bedford NY on his way back to Bedford Park with ALCO C424 #2415 running long hood forward.
Passing a long string of loaded hoppers stretching towards Bedford Station.
The following day train VN-4 meets the Coal Job as it has pulled another group of loaded coal hoppers from Hudson Coal.
With the empties spotted the Coal Job waits for Train EC-1 to clear the main at Bedford so it can proceed to Terminal Yard.
The Coal Job has gone thru the weigh in motion scales. The TY switcher will pull the caboose and the engines will cut off. 
With the engines cut off and the caboose pulled off this set of GE U Boats makes it's way to track 8 to couple on to the soon to be Unit Coal Train URN-3 
The big GE's couple up and start pumping the air under the watchful eye of the scale master himself AKA Jenny Craig.
Here comes URN-3 heading downgrade out of Terminal Yard with U33C #6554 in the lead. The 6554 came in to Terminal Yard as part of train SV-2 in P.C.C.M. 37C.
URN-3 meets BP-41 with a string of loaded auto racks at Bedford NY. 
The coal hoppers of URN-3 stretch all the way back to the curve at T&R Gravel in the distance while BP-41 crawls along on track 3 waiting for URN-3 to clear the main.  
The coal hoppers and loaded auto racks represent two current projects being worked on at the N.Y.C.T.L. Shops.
The URN-3 U-Boats cross the High Line with coal hoppers stretched all the way back past Bedford Tower.
Next stop West Mill!

That concludes the dispatching of PC Unit Coal Train URN-3. Be sure to follow the action on Ralph's K.P.D. and 1:1 scale Sir Neal's A.P.R.R.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

P.C.C.M. 37H / Wrap Up Party!

Greetings All,

Today we'll wrap up the P.C.C.M. 37 series here on the N.Y.C.T.L. Thanks for sticking with the whole series. This one has been a lot of fun and it was nice to formally introduce the Empire Belt to the virtual ops. 

Another highlight was adding a boxcar from the Los Feliz and North Western, L.F.N.W. #160, to the ops and to my fleet. The L.F.N.W.  is fellow modeler and blogger John Bruce's home road and joins the A.P.R.R., K.P.&W. and the H.R.C. as the fourth freelance RR that I've been fortunate to add to my roster courtesy of this blog and the virtual ops. Check out John's blog here  He's always working on something interesting and his projects range from the most current DCC installations to vintage paper and wood freight car kits. This guy knows how to model!

Now let's wrap up the 37 series!

What's this! Looking like a scene from Pavonia Yard in Camden NJ the Bedford local is being powered by four Baldwin S12s.
 The S12s bring the train into Bedford NY
 Passing Bedford Station to work the Heileman Brewery.
The S12s shove a quartet of 40' hi cube boxcars into the Heileman siding. Those tall neck bottles are getting very popular!
With the work at Heileman complete the local gets ready to switch out Hostess, Berk Enterprises and University Mill Work and Lumber.
 Pulling freight cars out of the lead. 
The long pull as seen from the highway overpass.
TPFX #5510 and PC #16050 are spotted at University Mill Work and Lumber. Both cars are empty and will be loaded with cabinetry for Battaglia Brothers Warehouse in Kings Port NY.
NYC #892010 loaded with flour from Blue Ribbon Flour in Kings Port NY is spotted at the Hostess plant.
The crew of the S12s receives permission to clear out the stacks and will run up the High Line thru Empire City and reverse thru the west side before heading back to Terminal Yard.

The S12s slow down back at Bedford NY and will have to hold here. 
The once a day L.I.R.R. transfer run to North Side Yard has priority and his heading towards N.S.Y. on track#2. 
An L.I.R.R. orange caboose sans lettering and number brings up the markers directly behind two empty 34' hoppers heading back from NYS DOT Region 10. They'll eventually end up at T&R Gravel on the N.Y.C.T.L. for a load of ore for Kings Port Steel on Ralph's layout.
 The L.I.R.R. ALCOs bring the their train over the High Line.
Crossing the Empire City viaduct. The E.J.&E. 65' gondola has a load of cable from Circle Wire & Cable in Maspeth NY 
The L.I.R.R. heads into Terminal Yard via the Hohman Ave entrance.
Having dropped it's freight cars on track #3 the L.I.R.R. units have exited North Side Yard via the east side and are heading back towards Hohman Ave. 
The L.I.R.R. ALCOs have reentered the yard and coupled to P&E 40' boxcar #3638 loaded with packaged meals from Cavendish Food & Spirits located in Mayfield NY  
 The L.I.R.R. reclaims it's caboose on track #3
Taking the west side curve out of town we get a good look at the bridge girder from Kings Port Steel loaded onto a P&LE drop end mill gondola with two idler flats protecting the load and distributing the weight. The girder is head to NYS DOT Region 10 for the ongoing extension of the Long Island Expressway,. 
 And lest we forget the Bedford local and it's 4 Baldwin S12s it's shown here rounding the curve behind T&R Gravel as they make their way to Terminal Yard.
 The S12 led local arrives back at Terminal Yard
And heads towards the new expansion. Alright this shot is gratuitous but I really like the way these BB S12s were looking and running with this train!
Back at Bedford Tower tower operator 1/87th scale John B gives the bridge girder load a good visual inspection as it rolls by.
 Next stop Bliss Yard!
That wraps up the P.C.C.M. 37 series! 

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

P.CC.M. 37G / The E.B.R.R. Delivers

Greetings All,

Today we'll take a look at the Empire Belt delivering some of the freight cars that came out of West Mill in PC Train WV-2 on Ralph's excellent Kings Port Division layout. It's worth another look so check out the originating installments posted on Ralph's blog: It's a great way to start your day! 

Welcome Back from from your tour of West Mill!

We'll pick up the action at Empire City's North Side Yard now firmly under control of the Empire Belt RR. Below E.B.R.R. GP30 #2160 couples up to caboose #1605 to pull it out of the way and set up the yard moves for this mornings deliveries.
With #1605 out of the way the Long Island RR block has been cut behind BM #110. 
E.B.R.R. GP30s #2160 and #2161 have pulled the Empire City block out of the yard and crossed over to the industrial lead. Here they are headed to the West Side and passing Hohman Ave.
 First stop of the day is Superior Furniture.
BM #109 and #110 are spotted on Superior Furniture's lead. Both cars are loaded with mirrors and sheet glass from Corning Glass in Corning NY. 
The E.B.R.R. crew has traveled around Empire City and is now coming thru the East side of town.
 Next stop is Neal's Lumber & Hardware where the crew is pulling out A.P.R.R. 50' RBL #60392 to make room for PC #77047
PC 40' boxcar  #77047 loaded with bagged aggregate from Hedberg Aggregate in Marion NY is shoved into place.
The crew is now working the Gervais Pipe / Ralph's Grocery lead pulling cars from Gervais Pipe & Fitting and shoving back to pick up the cars at Ralph's Grocery Warehouse.
PC #229046 loaded with cake mix from Blue Ribbon Flour in Kings Port NY and L.F.N.W. #160 loaded with wine from the Vintners Co-op in Jaques CA are both spotted at Ralph's Grocery Warehouse. An interesting note about Jaques CA. It's named after pioneer modeler and nature painter Francis Lee Jaques who had a stamp issued commemorating him. He was a true pioneer who started modeling before World War I and his layout, the Great North Road, was featured in an early 1960's issue of Model Railroader Magazine. See end of entry for more.
Two breadbox trough hoppers loaded with steel coils from Kings Port Steel in Kings Port NY are spotted at Gervais Pipe & Fitting
It's work now complete the crew heads back towards Hohman Ave on the industrial lead track
That's it for today. Tomorrow we'll wrap up P.C.C.M. #37.
Thanks for reading! 

All information on Francis Lee Jaques in this blog entry is courtesy of fellow model railroader and blogger John Bruce. The town of Jaques CA is a freelance town on John's layout. For more on Francis Lee Jaques and his layout check out these links;