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Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Pleasant Coincidence

Greetings All,

As some readers are well aware I have been painting my New York Central, Penn Central and Empire Belt rolling stock with Krylon rattle can Sea Glass Green. Recently I stumbled across a very pleasant coincidence. A newly purchased Roundhouse P&LE boxcar was a very close match for the home painted cars. Even better I found my small fleet of Accurail NYC cars were an almost exact match of the rattle can color. 

Let's take a look;

Roundhouse brand 40' P&LE boxcar purchased at recent train show
Accurail 50' boxcar, Roundhouse 40' boxcar(shown above), home painted Empire Belt 50' car with NYC oval and three Accurail NYC cars blending in very nicely. A pleasant coincidence indeed!
Home painted Empire Belt freight cars bring up the rear. PC caboose 18418 is home painted using Jade Green rattle can paint form a company called American Slings. The bay window caboose is factory painted from Athearn. 
On the Empire City viaduct factory and home painted cars intermingle 
Not a bad match if I do say so myself! E.B.R.R. 50'er is home painted, the next four cars are factory painted from Accurail and then another E.B.R.R. home painted car.
As a home painter of rolling stock having my home painted cars blend in seamlessly to some of their factory painted counterparts is very rewarding. 

Here's a short video of the train above rumbling thru Empire City.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Friday, April 13, 2018

P.C.C.M. 46C

Greetings All,

Welcome back to the P.C.C.M. 46 series! Today I'll wrap up the action on the NYCTL and dispatch trains from Terminal Yard towards Selkirk where Ralph's KPD will take over the action. 
Let's get started.

Yesterday we saw 1/87th scale senior engineer Sir Neal waiting for clearance to head onto the High Line for the late afternoon trip to Terminal Yard as E.B.R.R. Train EC-4.
EC-4 blocks Hohman Ave as we note some newly painted APRR / EBRR / PC covered hoppers on the west side storage track. The good news is no Empire City Police Officers monitoring the crossing!
Here's the hold up. 1/87th scale Bedford Tower operator John B has the Bedford mainlines blocked for Engineer Ed to get the Coal Job squared away to switch out Hudson Coal.
The loaded coal hoppers wait for the Coal Job at Hudson Coal.
1/87th scale Double E has pulled track 1 with these loaded NYC and PRR hoppers consigned to Corning Glass in Corning NY that is served by the Kings Port & Western Railroad.
The Bedford mainlines are humming as the Coal Job holds on track 3 after swapping the empties for loads at Hudson Coal and E.B.R.R. Train EC-4 makes it's way towards Terminal Yard.
EC-4 heads up the grade at Hudson Coal towards Terminal Yard.
EC-4 rolls into Terminal Yard on track 8 in time to make the cutoff for tonight's outbound trains.
Right behind him the Coal Job makes it way up the grade behind Hudson Coal also under the wire for tonight's cut off time.
The head end of Coal Job with it's GP40s rolls into Terminal Yard.
While the hind end with the four PS-2 covered hoppers for the APRR engine terminal are passing Hudson Coal. 
The Coal Job is in the yard and 1/87th scale Double E guides the GP40s back into the engine tracks.
The GP40s are back and await their next assignment. The engine hostler is prepping the five engine consist to the right with the NYC GP30 for tonight's SLX-1 due out at 10:00 PM.
Terminal Yard yard crew A gets to work on the coal hoppers as they just make the late afternoon cut off for tonight's outbound train. The A crew has already made quick work of the cars brought in by EC-4 as we see the PC covered hoppers and other cars already blocked into their trains. 
The A crew puts the final cars into Train BF-1. In the NYC era BF-1 went from New York to East St Louis. It was later cut back to be a Buffalo to East St Louis train. The NYCTL has retained the modeling rights to have BF-1 originate in the Empire City.  
It's 7:30 PM and the power for BF-1 comes out of the engine facility to couple up to the train. The GP30-F7A-F7B-F7A-GP30 lash up should provide plenty of power. 
At exactly 8:00 PM BF-1 rolls out of Terminal Yard with block 1 heading to industries served out of West Mill on the KPD 
Block 2 with cars for Kings Port NY
And block 3 with cars that will connect with Train BC-1 at Selkirk for their trip to Elkhart and ultimately towards Denver, Colorado on Brian's RCRR layout. 
BF-1 rumbles thru Bedford NY. The GP30's may be maligned on a certain 1:1 scale railroad but on the N.Y.C.T.L. they provide plenty of reliable power. 
A NYC bay window caboose brings up the BF-1 markers.

Next stop Selkirk!
Watch here or on youtube

Due out next from Terminal Yard is Train SLX-1 and tonight it will be assigned the pure NYC lash up of GEs and EMDs seen earlier.
It's 10:00 PM and SLX-1 rolls out of Terminal Yard for Selkirk with a solid train for the APRR's Rock Ridge Yard.
Two different APRR paint schemes are noted on the 50' RBLs
APRR and PRR 86' boxcars heading to IDEAL Auto Parts for reloading.
SLX-1 throttles up as it heads out of town.
PC wide vision caboose #26403 brings up the SLX -1 markers.
Next Stop Selkirk!
Watch here or on youtube
That's it for the N.Y.C.T.L.'s portion of the P.C.C.M. 46 series! P.C.C.M. 46D will follow on Ralph's KPD.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

P.C.C.M. 46B

Greetings All,

Welcome back to the second installment of P.C.C.M. 46!

We pick up the action back at Bedford Station with 1/87th scale AT JOE's Bedford Local holding for the Penn Central manifest train coming at us on track 2. And yes AT JOE reports that guy is listening to Funky Town!
The Bedford Local conductor gives the inbound train a visual inspection from his NYC caboose.                                                     
Over at Terminal Yard yard crew A is busy sorting out the freight cars from Bedford Park brought in by BP-12.
While that's happening yard crew B is over at the shop pulling two gondolas of scrap wheels for Sal's Salvage in Kings Port NY on the KPD.
Yard crew B shoves the KP&W and M.C.R.R. gondolas out of the engine terminal while 1/87th scale Sir Neal's E.B.R.R. engines await their turn at the fuel rack.
The B crew next stops at the T.O.F.C. track and pulls two loaded T.O.F.C cars for Williams Yard in Kings Port NY
Getting busy on the A side! The Bedford Local is arriving on track 9. The A crew is working on track 8 with cars just dropped there by the B crew and with cars from BP-12.
The PRR and APRR 86' boxcars and Tropicana RBL to the left are being blocked for the APRR. The cars being worked on Track 8 are being blocked for the KPD and the Bedford Local is bringing in more cars that will need to be worked. Just another routine day!
1/87th scale Engineer Ed newly assigned to the Coal Job shoots the breeze with 1/87th scale senior engineer Sir Neal on the pad. You know the topics are #1 How did you rate a pair of GP40s for the Coal Job and #2 what's with the orange C? Two mysteries not yet solved!
1/87th scale Double E and the Coal Job have left Terminal Yard in front of EC-3 to allow them to work T&R Gravel and switch out the four PS-2 covered hoppers loaded with sand for the APRR Engine Facility.
The Coal Job's work at T&R Gravel is completed and the C.J. is now holding at Bedford on track 3 while E.B.R.R. Train EC-3 makes it's way towards Empire City. 1/87th scale E.E. is out to give EC-3 an inspection.
1/87th scale senior engineer Sir Neal guides EC-3 thru the west side onto the industrial lead at Hohman Ave and is greeted by tower operator Larry D.
EC-3 is shoving back towards the East Side as 1/87th scale Sir Neal admires one of his APRR cars sitting at Empire Produce.
EC-3 pulls three empty PC covered hoppers from the E.C. Cargill facility. The empties are going back to the large Cargill Plant in Rock Ridge NJ that is served by the APRR.
EC-3 is now pulling two empty KP&W Breadbox Trough Cars from Gervais Pipe & Fitting. The empties are going back to Kings Port Steel in Kings Port NY.
EC-3 has shoved back to Ralph's Grocery Warehouse to pull the two APRR 50' RBLs loaded with packaged food for C&P Restaurant Supply in Rock Ridge NJ.
EC-3 is now at Neal's Lumber & Hardware in midtown pulling a loaded E.B.R.R. 50' RBL boxcar loaded with wood paneling for Mikes Lumber located in Rock Ridge NJ.
Back at Empire Produce EC-3 pulls APRR #56279 loaded with perishables for C&P Restaurant Supply in Rock Ridge NJ.
With the switch work completed 1/87th scale Sir Neal is on the Empire City viaduct checking out the newly painted and now stored APRR / EBRR /PC covered hoppers.  
With the E.B.R.R. awaiting clearance to head back onto the High Line for the trip to Terminal Yard as Train EC-4 I'll close it out here for today. Tomorrow I'll wrap it up and dispatch the trains from Terminal Yard to Selkirk.
Thanks for reading!