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Sunday, November 19, 2017

P.C.C.M. 41F

Greetings All,

Welcome back to P.C.C.M. 41, the Tom Seaver series!

Tom Seaver fun fact #6. On September 28, 2008 Tom Seaver returned to Shea Stadium and threw out the final first pitch to Mike Piazza in a Saying Goodbye to Shea Stadium ceremony. On April 13, 2009 Tom threw the 1st pitch to Mike Piazza to open Citi Field. As of this writing Tom and Mike are the only two players in the Baseball Hall of Fame enshrined with Mets caps.

It's time to wrap this up and get these trains out of Terminal Yard and on their way to their respective destinations.

To:        West Mill / Rock Ridge / Zenith Yard
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Trains LS-1, NV-3 and LI-2 from Terminal                    Yard

The TY switcher is working on the freight cars from the previous Bedford Local and getting them sorted into the Kings Port Division block. In the distance sits the Atlantic Pacific RR or A.P.R.R. block
HRC 521, BM 109 & BM 110 are cut into the K.P.D.'s West Mill block for interchange with the Kings Port & Western RR
The empty Hostess hopper is placed in the A.P.R.R. block for transfer to the large NJ Cargill plant served by the A.P.R.R.
Some intra-layout traffic including B&M 105 and GM&O 21129 get shoved into track 7 for the local trains to work. These cars came in on yesterday's Empire Belt transfer run 
EL 5024, AP 60382 and AP 60394 are added to the cars for the A.P.R.R.'s Rock Ridge Yard.
 Work continues on the K.P.D. bound freight cars. 
Off the E.B.R.R. transfer from yesterday NYC 80775 is cut into the block of cars for Kings Port proper.
The depressed center flat with refurbished excavator is coupled up to a gondola of scrap wheels. Both are consigned to Sal's Salvage in West Mill NY. The two gondolas with pipe loads for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop are being shoved back for the Williams Yard block.  
Train length and tonnage will have the K.P.D. freight cars traveling in two trains tonight. One will be train NV-3 and the second will be a combined A.P.R.R. / K.P.D. LI-1 leaving two hours later. 
While work around the yard continues the late Bedford Local departs Terminal Yard with the newest PRR cabin car in the fleet, N6B 980796. The car was custom built and painted by 1:1 scale John Bruce. It's a very nice addition to the fleet as you'll see!
 BM 105 is spotted at Berk Enterprises. That N6B sure looks good. Thanks John! Your generosity is much appreciated. 
The Local is now working Heileman Brewery picking up boxcars loaded with beer including L.F.& N.W. 160 consigned to Ace Wholesale Distributors in Zenith on John Bruce's Los Feliz & Northwestern RR layout
The Bedford Local passes Bedford Tower under the watchful eyes of tower operator 1/87th scale John B who admires his LF&NW boxcar. The local will drop off some cars at North Side Yard and then head back this way.  
The local heads back to Terminal Yard past Bedford Tower with 1/87th sale John B checking out his old caboose. He'll have a good story for 1/87th scale Mrs Bruce at dinner tonight.
The short local easily makes it's way thru Bedford NY as the afternoon rush hour has come to a close. 
The Bedford Local arrives at Terminal Yard and we can see two sets of commuter trains tied up for the night in the distance.
It's time to get these trains out of Terminal Yard! The TY switcher places LF&NW 160 and a Rock Island boxcar into train LS-1 (Empire City to Chicago) as it readies the train for it's 12:50 AM departure.
Penn Central GP35's 2327 and 2352 are the power for LS-1 and the train is ready to depart. Rock Island #57028 and L.F.&N.W. #160 will be going all the way to Chicago. The R.I. car will be handed off back to the Rock at Chicago while L.F.&N.W. 160 will be transferred to the A.T.S.F via the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard to continue it's trip to Bay City, California on John B's layout. Look for the arrival on John's blog
Chicago or Bust! Next stop Selkirk!
It's 2:00 AM and the next train heading out is Train NV-3 (Empire City to Selkirk) solid with cars for the Kings Port Division and the Kings Port & Western Railroad. U33C 6554 and U30C 6538 are in charge.
The big U Boats rattle the windows of the Bedford industries as they race for Selkirk.
The Williams Yard block brings up the rear as a PC N5C caboose brings up the markers.
It's 4:00 AM and last call for alcohol as Train LI-1 (Empire City to Selkirk) leaves Terminal Yard behind another set of GE U Boats with U28C 6533 in the lead. Three cars for West Mill make up block#1 behind the engines. 
Block #2 are these boxcars and covered hoppers for Rock Ridge yard on the AP.R.R.
Block #3 is a half dozen coal hoppers for R.M.O. Electric via the A.P.R.R.'s Rock Ridge Yard and PC caboose 5023 brings up the markers.
Another set of U Boats shakes things up as LI-1 roars thru Bedford NY on it's way to Selkirk. 
Talk about some serious 6000 series power!!! 

That wraps up the action on the N.Y.C.T.L. be sure to follow the moves on the K.P.D., A.P.R.R. and L.F.&.N.W.!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

P.C.C.M. 41E

Greetings All,

Welcome back to P.C.C.M. 41, the Tom Seaver series.

Tom Seaver fun fact #5: Tom pitched for 20 seasons compiling a 311-205 record that included 3 Cy Young Awards and 12 All Star selections. Tom was elected to the Baseball of Fame in 1992 with the highest percentage of votes ever at that time. 

With one installment left the dispatchers and yardmasters on the K.P.D., A.P.R.R. and L.F. &N.W. will be getting a good idea of what train traffic will be headed their way. Sit back and enjoy and tomorrow we'll wrap it up here and get these trains on their way.  

To:        West Mill / Rock Ridge / Zenith Yard 
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Bedford Local and arrival of Extra 505 from                  North Side Yard. 

Last installment saw 1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal and conductor AT JOE leaving Empire City with Extra 505 headed for Terminal Yard.
With Extra 505 heading towards Terminal Yard the Bedford Local departs same.
The Bedford Local with two SW8s coupled nose to nose make their way their way thru Bedford NY on track 3. Tucked in behind the engines is empty Los Feliz & North Western 50' boxcar #160.
The BL gets ready to work the Bedford industries from track 3 and a commuter train occupies track 2 at Bedford Station.
Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B works a three train meet as Extra 505 is held at the signal. 1/87th scale John B might actually envy Larry D over at Hohman Ave Tower. Larry's dealing with all kinds of construction noise but dealing with these new commuter trains might give John B a bigger headache!
With the commuter train getting ready to leave the Bedford Local works the Hostess / Wonder Bread Plant pulling a Hoschton Railway Company 50' RBL loaded with baked goods for Fisher Foods in Cleveland Ohio. The HRC car will travel to West Mill, interchange with the KP&W who will take the car out to Salamanca NY for interchange with the Erie Lackawanna RR and delivery to Fisher.
The Bedford Local is now working Heileman Brewery and pulling empty 50' RBLs BM 109 and BM 110. These two cars are in pool service out of Corning Glass in Corning NY which is served by the KP&W.
Empty LF&NW 160 is spotted at Heileman Brewery with two other empties. Hey! Look who finally got a signal to proceed. Extra 505 heads towards Terminal Yard on track 2.
1/87th scale Senior Engineer has the throttle in notch 8 as he makes up for lost time rolling thru Bedford NY
Extra 505 hits the T&R Gravel curve with flanges squealing in protest! 
With some room to maneuver the Bedford Local SW8s  cross over to track 2 for a runaround move to  head back to Terminal Yard
The engines have run around on track 2 and head back to their train on track 3.
The SW8s couple up to their train. 
While Extra 505 arrives at Terminal Yard with numerous freight cars in tow including.
NYC 80775, an empty headed for Kings Port Steel, PC depressed flat 766053 with a refurbished excavator for Sal's Salvage and two gondolas of pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop.
GM&O 21129 an empty for American Hardware Supply in Bedford Park and BM 105 another empty that will be heading to Berk Enterprises in Bedford NY
Meanwhile the Bedford Local holds on track 3 as a PC FP7 leads a commuter train to Bedford Station.
With clear tracks the SW8s throttle up for the run upgrade to Terminal Yard.
The Bedford Local arrives at Terminal Yard.
Tomorrow we'll wrap up my portion of the series with some last minute train building and the dispatch of trains from Terminal Yard with cars for three home layouts. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 17, 2017

P.C.C.M. 41D

Greetings All,

Welcome back to P.C.C.M. 41, the Tom Seaver series.

Tom Seaver Fun Fact #4: Between 1970 -1976 Tom led the National League in strikeouts five of the seven seasons. Said Reggie Jackson "people come to the ballpark to hear him pitch"

Today we'll take a look at trains EC-1 and the Empire Belt Transfer as they go head to head with the newly implemented  Empire City Commuter Trains. 

To: West Mill / Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of Train EC-1 (Empire City Turn) and transfer of freight trains to the Empire Belt RR.

1/87th scale Engineer Ed and Conductor John will be assigned to Train EC-1 idling on track #9. They note the arrival of a commuter train rolling in on track 1 and lament  the good old days when freight trains ran supreme.
EC-1 rolls thru Bedford Station and gets the green signal at Bedford Tower to continue toward the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge. Today's EC-1 features a caboose on each end to try and reduce switching moves.  
1/87th scale Double E guides his pair of SD35s and EC-1 past Walsh Steel Wool Products and notes his factory looks to be running well.
EC-1 enters Track 3 at North Side Yard
Greetings are exchanged between 1/87th scale E.E., Sir Neal and AT JOE. EC-1 will drop it's train on track 3 and roll out of the yard's east side entrance to couple up to the outbound cars strategically placed there by the Empire Belt crew.
The former EC-1 now known as EC-2 rolls past Hohman Ave as 1/87th scale conductor John joins the 'what's up Larry' club.
EC-2 heads past Bedford Station on track 3 towards Terminal Yard as commuters wait on the platform for the next commuter train.
EC-2 meets the Bedford Station bound commuter train.
1/87th scale Double E has clear tracks ahead as he prepares to cross over to track 2.
EC-2 arrives on track 9 while the TY switcher is working on Train NV-3
With EC-2 now gone work at North Side yard begins with 1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal coupling up to the west end of the train and getting ready to pull the train from the yard.
1/87th scale AT JOE protects the shove down the main and looks over that newly refurbished excavator loaded onto the Penn Central depressed center flat car to make sure it is securely loaded.
With E.B.R.R. caboose 1605 on the industrial lead the crew is at Gervais Pipe and Fitting to pick up M.C.R.R. and K.P.&W. gondolas loaded with pipe. These loads are consigned to the Hudson Valley Ag Coop.
The crew shoves back to pick up these two cars from Ralph's Grocery Warehouse. The 57' EL reefer is loaded with frozen foods for C&P Restaurant Supplyu in Rock Ridge NJ. Empty BM 105 will be heading to Berk Enterprises in Bedford NY on an intra-layout move.
The E.B.R.R. crew works some of the midtown industries including Empire City Caterpillar. The refurbished excavator on the flat car has been approved for travel to Sal's Salvage in West Mill NY.
It's work in midtown done the Empire Belt train heads out to serve some west side industries.
The first move is to switch out Walsh Steel Wool Products and clear out the west side overflow track. GM&O 21129 is an empty that will be forwarded to American Hardware Supply in an intra layout move. 
The next move is at Moore & Company to pull these two A.P.R.R. 50' white boxcars loaded with bulk paper for Marcal in Rock ridge NJ.
The crew shoves back to Drywell Inks to pick up empty TP&W 40' boxcar 627 which needs to be moved over to Walsh Steel Wool.
in another intra-layout move.
Much to management's relief 1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal is using a few spacer cars to get under Superior Furniture and pull empty NYC 50 boxcar 80775 from Reliable Machine Works. 
The switching work done it's time for the Empire Belt Transfer to leave the friendly confines of Empire City and head to Terminal Yard as Extra 505.
We'll pick up the action tomorrow with 1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal and conductor AT JOE threading their way thru Bedford NY to Terminal Yard and follow along with the Bedford Local.
Thanks for reading!!