Custom Painted P-2000 units

Friday, July 14, 2017

Some new releases of E.B.R.R. equipment from the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop

Greetings All,

The New York Central Train Layout has been busy this week working to get some of the Empire Belt Railroad's rolling stock into revenue service. Summer weather patterns of afternoon thunderstorms and high humidity negatively impacted the use of the N.Y.C.T.L.'s Patti-O Paint Shop but the shop crew persevered and was able to complete a good portion of their work.

The Patti-O Paint Shop round table holds newly painted, lettered and dull coated pieces of Empire Belt rolling stock and a PC coal hopper.
The table came with the house and I've been tempted to toss it for years but it's very useful for painting equipment as can be seen by the jade green over spray. 
It's early morning on the Patti-O as I try to beat the heat and humidity and enjoy some quiet time at the oasis as this part of the landscape is called. Three coal hoppers, two cabooses and four Geeps will hit the mechanical shop after they dry.
Two newly painted and lettered E.B.R.R. offset side coal hoppers have been shoved into Hudson Coal and await loading. The 416038 is a Lionel product and the 416035 is from Bachmann.
Newly painted and lettered PC 481533 is the first of my finished cars from the joint N.YC.T.L. - K.P.D.- H.R.C. PC hopper project. The 481533 on the PC is an H43D class hopper with 12 panels. The nine panel 1/87th scale version is the best I've been able to come up with after several months of trying to find some decent 12 panel 100 ton hoppers for a reasonable price. The model is an old Roundhouse product. The decals are from Highball Graphics.
Three of kind!!! The 1/87th scale N.Y.C.T.L. train and tower men are at the Terminal Yard caboose track to check out the three E.B.R.R. cabeese in two paint schemes.
A close up of 1603, the first caboose painted and lettered for the E.B.R.R. 
Caboose 1604 with the later bigger EMPIRE BELT lettering, two COTS panels and an ACI label. A unnamed conductor and rear brakeman Wet Willie have just alighted from the caboose. Wet Willie got his name because he's always sweating and holding a towel to his face.
1605 also sports the bigger EMPIRE BELT lettering, two COTS panels and an ACI label.
A close up of E.B.R.R. 40' RBL 358274. This car was seen in Train VN-4 a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to show a better close up picture.
E.B.R.R. 358279 is also a 40' RBL. Both 358274 and 358279 are numbered into the PC number block for cars of this type. Both cars are from Accurail.
Here is a photo of the painted but not yet lettered cars. The top photo shows one of the PC 40' RBLs that are ex PRR cars. 
The bottom car is a former NH potato car that once wore the red white and blue State of Maine Products paint scheme like this;
Image result for product of maine boxcar  
Well, maybe not exactly like that! But you get the drift.

I'm hoping to be able to get those Geeps seen drying on the Patti-O in service soon and will post pictures and information about them once they get on to the layout.
Thanks for reading!!! 


  1. Excelent! You've created a very believable and attractive scheme for your freelanced road that carries the logo theme throughout consistently. Looks like a real company. Nicely done!!! Great job on the PC hopper too!

    1. Thanks Ralph!!
      I learned much from the master! Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration!

  2. Well done. That is an excellent paint scheme and lettering job. It is really a great fit on the NYCTL and will be a great addition.

  3. What a great job you did on the engines and rolling stock! I like the hopper cars as they blend in with the PC hoppers as well as the engines. The cabooses came out very nice. Glad to see the fleet growing by leaps and bounds!