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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New E.B.R.R. Rolling Stock / 1/87th scale Sir Neal breaks in the E.B.R.R. GP9ms.

Greetings All,

Last installment we left off with the 1/87th scale Engineer Ed and PC Ralph on qualifying runs to and from Selkirk and 1/87th scale Sir Neal breaking in two new E.B.R.R. GP9ms in addition to running the North Side Yard operations. 

Meanwhile the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop released some newly refurbished, painted and lettered Empire Belt Railroad rolling stock. Let's take a look at some of the new releases; 

An Empire Belt 40' trailer painted using the Color Guide to Penn Central rolling stock book cover as inspiration.
The trailer is from Walthers. It's been stripped and repainted for the E.B.R.R.
An E.B.R.R. rib side hopper newly out of the shop. I think this is a ConCor model that's been stripped, painted and lettered.

From our last installment 1/87th scale Sir Neal has E.B.R.R. GP9m's 7278 and 7279 on their inaugural run from Terminal Yard to North Side Yard with Train EC-1.
The GP9ms roll across the Empire City viaduct.
A trio of new gondolas have been recently put into service including E.B.R.R. 509782.
Rolling across Hohman Ave and getting a wave from tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D.
E.B.R.R. GP9ms meet the NYC GP20s they'll relieve. Judicious moderating of both power sets should keep them both in good running condition for many years to come. The GP20s are only taking a well deserved break and they will return.
E.B.R.R. 509782 is a new release from the paint shop. I believe it is an old I.H.C. product.
With train EC-1 tied up 1/87th scale Sir Neal heads into the North Side Yard office to collect the necessary switch lists for this morning's train movements.
Armed with his switch list 1/87th scale Sir Neal has run the engines out of the east side yard entrance.
With 1/87th scale PC Ralph working mainline trains to and from Selkirk his hot rod shopping cart and Oscar Meyer weinermobile sit idle while the new E.B.R.R. trailer gets loaded. 
The GP9ms have come back into North Side yard via the Hohman Ave entrance and 1/87th scale Sir Neal sets out a block of cars that will be picked up later by the L.I.R.R.
E.B.R.R. caboose 1605 protects the shove move as the train heads towards the east side.
That's it for now. Next installment we'll finish up with 1/87th scale Sir Neal working the engines during switching operations and a transfer run to Terminal Yard and get his report on the engines' performance. 

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Empire Belt Engines and Vacation Assignments

Greetings All,

Whew! I finally got the Empire Belt's motive power in service in what seemed like a never ending series of projects to accomplish this. I will admit under oath that I bit off a little more than I could chew on the disassembly, stripping, painting, lettering and reassembly of motive power prior to a vacation.

With a week long vacation for the 1:1 owner of the N.Y.C.T.L. the 1/87th scale employees of the N.Y.C.T.L. were assigned to qualifying runs and other duties while I was away. An idle 1/87th scale mind is the devil's workshop!

The Patti-O round table with Empire Belt motive power, hoppers and a pair of cabooses are in the final stages of their paint and lettering process.
The newest engines out of the Patti-O Paint Shop are these GP30's and GP9m's.
Fast forward a couple of days and the new GP9ms and GP30s are side by side at the Terminal Yard Engine Shop. The N.Y.C.T.L. Trainmen and Tower men have gathered to see the newest Empire Belt engines.
Meanwhile 1/87th scale Engineer Ed will be running a trio of U Boats, two in E.B.R.R. paint. We'll take a look now at Double E's qualifying run to Selkirk with a high value Multi Level train.
The EB 6574, 6576 and PC 6557 make their way out of the engine tracks and head towards Terminal Yard.
Knowing there will be rail fans for 1/87th scale Double E's qualifying run to Selkirk he is reversing the U Boat consist so the EB units will be in the lead. That Double E is all class!
1/87th scale Double E has the 6574 in the lead making this photo possible as he guides a symbol train out of Terminal Yard past Hudson Coal.
A University Lumber & Mill Work railroad dock worker admires the big GEs and the new Fords on the tri level auto racks.
The GEs head over Market Street. 
EB caboose 1603 bringing up the markers heads into the Bedford Station tunnel.
The Multi Level train heads downgrade past Ralph's Grocery Warehouse.
1/87th scale Double E has come down the slide in good shape as he exits the tunnel
The Auto Racks just make it thru the tunnels. Much to the relief of the crew and Ford.
The big GEs cross over to the outside mainline as they head towards Empire City Station and Selkirk. Nice work Double E!!!
First out of the shop are E.B.R.R. GP30s 2160 and 2161 ably piloted by 1/87th scale PC Ralph. The 2160 is from Bachmann.
The 2161 is an old Lionel shell on a Bachmann chassis.
Leaving Terminal Yard is a Unit Grain Train with EB GP30 2160 in the lead and under the control of 1/87th scale PC Ralph as he makes a qualifying run to Selkirk.
1/87th scale PC Ralph has four GP30s and 9,000 HP at his disposal as the train heads downgrade at Bedford Station. Note the orange Hoschton Railway Company 50' RBL photo bombing the shot from North Side Yard.
Heading over Water Street towards the lower level of Empire City. The train will be heading down the 'slide' to the lower level. This is one of the N.Y.C.T.L.'s proving grounds. 
EBRR caboose 1604 brings up the rear behind APRR and Morton Salt covered hoppers. Look for these cars on the APRR in the coming weeks.
The Unit Grain Train rolls under the signals at Empire Station as it heads to Selkirk. Looking good PC Ralph!

And what about 1/87th scale Sir Neal? As the senior engineer on the N.Y.C.T.L. Sir Neal is already qualified on the entire Penn Central system. Any tonnage anywhere for him. He will be evaluating the newly rebuilt GP9ms and in charge of the day to day operations at North Side Yard while I'm away. Maybe not as glamorous but vitally important. 

Readers may remember that 1:1 Sir Neal is the founder of Neal Multz Diesel Consultants aka the N.M.D.C. The N.M.D.C. has been evaluating motive since just after WWII and advising manufacturers and railroads on the pros and cons of diesels being bought and sold.

1/87th scale Sir Neal pulls the GP9ms from the shop with 7278 in the lead.
EBRR 7279 brings up the rear of the two engine consist. Both units are from Walthers.
The first assignment for the GP9ms are a transfer run to North Side Yard with 1/87th scale Sir Neal is at the throttle. 
The EBRR GP9ms make their way thru Bedford NY where 1/87th scale Sir Neal will use them this week at North Side Yard and in transfer service. 
   That's it for now. I'll post the highlights of 1/87th scale Sir Neal's  report in the next blog entry along with some newly finished E.B.R.R. rolling stock and the results of the qualifying runs. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Some new releases of E.B.R.R. equipment from the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop

Greetings All,

The New York Central Train Layout has been busy this week working to get some of the Empire Belt Railroad's rolling stock into revenue service. Summer weather patterns of afternoon thunderstorms and high humidity negatively impacted the use of the N.Y.C.T.L.'s Patti-O Paint Shop but the shop crew persevered and was able to complete a good portion of their work.

The Patti-O Paint Shop round table holds newly painted, lettered and dull coated pieces of Empire Belt rolling stock and a PC coal hopper.
The table came with the house and I've been tempted to toss it for years but it's very useful for painting equipment as can be seen by the jade green over spray. 
It's early morning on the Patti-O as I try to beat the heat and humidity and enjoy some quiet time at the oasis as this part of the landscape is called. Three coal hoppers, two cabooses and four Geeps will hit the mechanical shop after they dry.
Two newly painted and lettered E.B.R.R. offset side coal hoppers have been shoved into Hudson Coal and await loading. The 416038 is a Lionel product and the 416035 is from Bachmann.
Newly painted and lettered PC 481533 is the first of my finished cars from the joint N.YC.T.L. - K.P.D.- H.R.C. PC hopper project. The 481533 on the PC is an H43D class hopper with 12 panels. The nine panel 1/87th scale version is the best I've been able to come up with after several months of trying to find some decent 12 panel 100 ton hoppers for a reasonable price. The model is an old Roundhouse product. The decals are from Highball Graphics.
Three of kind!!! The 1/87th scale N.Y.C.T.L. train and tower men are at the Terminal Yard caboose track to check out the three E.B.R.R. cabeese in two paint schemes.
A close up of 1603, the first caboose painted and lettered for the E.B.R.R. 
Caboose 1604 with the later bigger EMPIRE BELT lettering, two COTS panels and an ACI label. A unnamed conductor and rear brakeman Wet Willie have just alighted from the caboose. Wet Willie got his name because he's always sweating and holding a towel to his face.
1605 also sports the bigger EMPIRE BELT lettering, two COTS panels and an ACI label.
A close up of E.B.R.R. 40' RBL 358274. This car was seen in Train VN-4 a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to show a better close up picture.
E.B.R.R. 358279 is also a 40' RBL. Both 358274 and 358279 are numbered into the PC number block for cars of this type. Both cars are from Accurail.
Here is a photo of the painted but not yet lettered cars. The top photo shows one of the PC 40' RBLs that are ex PRR cars. 
The bottom car is a former NH potato car that once wore the red white and blue State of Maine Products paint scheme like this;
Image result for product of maine boxcar  
Well, maybe not exactly like that! But you get the drift.

I'm hoping to be able to get those Geeps seen drying on the Patti-O in service soon and will post pictures and information about them once they get on to the layout.
Thanks for reading!!!