Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Penn Central Car Movement #35G

Greetings All,

Another day of the virtual ops and a continuation of the actual ops with 1:1 Engineer Ed. Today we'll focus on Train EC-1, The early Empire City Turn from Terminal Yard to Empire City's North Side Yard. 

PC Train HP-2 arrives at Terminal Yard behind that cool looking PRR A-B-B-A lash up.
The trainmen on duty at terminal Yard gather to admire the Hoschton Railway Company's newest freight car and a PRR caboose brings up the markers on HP-2
The Terminal Yard switcher has pulled the caboose off of HP-2 and is shoving it to the caboose track at the end of track 2. EC-1 is leaving Terminal Yard behind these two PC GP30s.
EC-1 heads thru Bedford NY on it's way to it's first stop at Heileman Brewery.
EC-1 pulls IC 40' boxcar #30130 from Heileman's Brewery. The IC boxcar is loaded with cases of beer for Reynolds Beverage Distributors in Kings Port NY 
EC-1 has spotted empty NYC 40' Hi Cube boxcar #173861 at door 2 and B&M 50' RBL #109 loaded with new beer bottles from Corning Glass works in Corning NY at door 5. The IC 40' box is coupled into EC-1 and they are almost ready to move out.
EC-1 rides over the High Line and into Empire City.
EC-1 hits Hohman Ave and approaches North Side Yard while being greeted by Hohman Ave Tower Operator 1/87th scale Larry D. 1/87th scale Larry D has spent the morning watching the prison workers clear the track side debris and thinking of ways he can get them to clean his backyard.
EC-1 rolls thru North Side Yard with IC boxcar #30130 in tow. The engines will shove the boxcar and couple it on to the rear of the outbound train which will be EC-2
EC-2 claims it's caboose.
And pulls it out of the way to access the PC 50' boxcar and the TPFX 50' boxcar behind it. These two cars will be leaving with EC-2 for delivery to University Mill Work back in Bedford NY. 
EC-2 is assembled and heads back towards Terminal Yard
EC-2 rumbles thru Bedford Station shaking the ground and shaking up the 1/87th scale rail fan's camera.
EC-2 delivers empty 50' boxcars PC#160502 and TPFX 5510 to University Mill Work. These two cars are in pool service between University Mill Work and Battaglia Bros. Warehouse in Kings Port NY.
EC-2 climbs the grade to Terminal Yard.
And arrives back at Terminal Yard
Heading into track #3
The Terminal Yard Switcher gets right to it and pulls off EC-2's caboose.
That wraps up the work for The Morning Empire City Turn. The yard crew will be busy now building up outbound trains. 

Next installment we'll focus on the action at North Side Yard as 1:1 Engineer and I work with our 1/87th scale colleagues to get the newly delivered cars from EC-1 to their respective consignees.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Another fine installment of the Virtual Ops series! HP-2 is looking sharp with that classic Pennsy power and Caboose. The HRC RBL will be a favorite subject for the local railfans to track down. Speaking of railfans, I hope they get some good shots of EC- 2 and the New Haven rolling stock in it. Future modelers need more reference photos of those elusive New Haven boxcars. The Q pulpwood car is looking good too. If Larry D. can get some of that "State" labor to my place, there's a bottle of Cavendish "Blue Label" scotch waiting for him.

  2. Nice work by the Empire City Turn. The virtual ops creates a cool exchange of cars at Heileman's Brewery. My eye always catches lots of activity in the background of train scenes on the N.Y.c.T.L.: trucks, people, chain gangs! Nice collection of plows and other equipment parked near the entrance of Terminal Yard. Also a treat for caboose fans with the PRR and PC N5Cs!