Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Penn Central car Movement #35F / The Bedford Park Turn.

Greetings All,

The morning Bedford Park Turn, aka Train BP-12 (Bedford Park to Terminal Yard) is our first train today. With a 12:00 AM start time a sleepy 1/87th scale PC Ralph and his brakeman are getting ready for action at Bedford Park Yard.  
Special Guest Engineer 1:1 scale Engineer Ed will be at the throttle with 1:1 scale Conductor John acting as conductor and brakeman as needed. 1:1 Double E surveys Bedford Park and plots his moves 
While 1:1 Double E formulates his switching plans PC Train HP-2 (Selkirk - Hunts Point) rolls thru Empire City behind this A-B-B-A lash up still in PRR paint. Engineer Ed is a huge PRR fan and his father was a PRR engineer.
What's this orange boxcar?
A Hoschton Railway Company RBL! 1:1 Scale Engineer Ed's home road makes it's debut! Custom painted and lettered by Double E the car makes it's maiden voyage on N.Y.C.T.L. rails. Nice job Ed!
HP-2 in profile with refrigerated and insulated boxcars for the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx.
1/87th scale PC Ralph has made short work of gathering up the cars for BP-12 and is getting the high ball sign from Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B.
BP-12 arrives at Terminal Yard and enters track #1.
Leaving the empty boxcars and auto racks of BP-12 on track #1 1/87th scale PC Ralph has cut off and proceeded to track #8 where he couples on ever so softly to the AP 50' RBL #60358 loaded with windshields for the Bedford Park Ford Plant. The NYC 86' boxcar loaded with auto parts from ACME Auto Parts in Mayfield NY will also be going to Ford
The Bedford Park Turn is shoved back onto track #1 to reclaim it's assigned caboose. The two NYC 50' double door boxcars are heading for All City Storage loaded with Peerless Appliances from their factory in Mayfield NY.
The Bedford Park Turn, now known as Train BP-41, heads thru Bedford and meets train HP-2. 
A look at the B.P. 41 consist
Back in the tight confines of Bedford Park 1/87th scale PC Ralph has pulled the train into the industrial lead. Below the engine is uncoupled so that it can run around the train and shove the cars to their proper locations.
1:1 Engineer Ed proudly reports that 1/87th scale PC Ralph and BP-41 have delivered the AP RBL and NYC 86' boxcar to the Ford Plant. Moving that mammoth 86' car thru the tight confines of Bedford Park without a derailment requires a skilled engineer and we're lucky to have two on duty today! Albeit in different scales.
The next move is spotting the two NYC 50' double door boxcars loaded with Peerless Appliances at All-City Storage. The BP-41 crew has worked the yard to get the NYC double door boxcar on the left in front of the caboose. That car will be reunited with the two at All-City Storage once those are emptied and ready to be pulled. 
All-City was built when 40' boxcars were the norm so some creative spotting and steel plates are used to facilitate quick loading and unloading. Before heading off duty 1/87th Scale PC Ralph checks with the foreman at All-City to verify the boxcars will not need to be moved until either later today or tomorrow.
That wraps up the action at Bedford Park. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Proof that the N.Y.C.T.L. hires on the best engineers and crew! Looking good Ed! Nice work on the Bedford Park Turn! I sure admire the string of autoracks it brought to Terminal Yard! What a classy surprise to see the beautiful four unit PRR lashup followed by the Hoschton Railway Company RBL! The KP&W heartily endorses orange as a rolling stock color. Nice looking car Ed! I especially enjoyed the pics of the NYC double door cars being unloaded at Al City Storage. Nicely staged!

    1. Thanks Ralph! We had a great time running the virtual ops, taking the photos and shooting the breeze.

  2. Looks like a smooth session with PC.C.C.M. 35F. Kudos to 1:1 Engineer Ed as well. The story line as well as the pics tell it all. Lots of industries in Empire City will be very happy to get their freight. Nice to see some Pennsy motive power as well. The HRC freight car looks great! A fine addition to the railroad.

  3. You know, that Bachmannn FM looks good in NYC paint.

    1. Thanks John! It's one of my favorites and keeps the honchos at Ford off my back!

  4. Quite the action for the NYCTL crews to deliver the various cars to their destinations. 1:87 PC Ralph did a fine job on the Bedford Park run. Of course 1:1 Engineer Ed was there to make sure everything was handled in a safe and orderly manner. E.E. did a fine job on his home road RBL. He'll have to do a 1:48 counterpart for his home layout. Your Pennsy F unit set is looking sharp as well. I'm sure E.E. would much rather see some classic Pennsy power than watch a man eating shark movie. Glad to see things back to normal on the NYCTL.

    1. Thanks Brian! E.E. did a fine job on the H.R.C. RBL and at the controls during our afternoon ops session. E.E. is so confident in his abilities he's taken on the moniker Engineer Ed, Supreme Engineer for Life. Sounds like Idi Amin if you ask me!
      Thanks for all the kind words!