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Friday, April 7, 2017

P.C.C.M. 32A / Empty Hopper Train UKP-2 Returns to Terminal Yard

Greetings All,

Penn Central Empty Hopper Train UKP-2 returned to Terminal Yard this morning. The empty hopper train originated on Ralph V.'s Kings Port Division at Kings Port Steel and was routed to the West Mill Float Yard where it crossed the Hudson River via car float to Port Owen NY. From Port Owen the N.Y.C.T.L.'s Metro Division took over and hauled the empties back to Terminal Yard for subsequent reloading at Hudson Coal. 

To see the origination of UKP-2 on the Kings Port Division check this blog entry from Ralph V;   

To see UKP-1 the loaded hoppers heading to Kings Port Steel click here:
To follow their arrival at West Mill and delivery to Kings Port Steel click here;

Now that everyone's up to speed let's follow the action as the empty hopper train negotiates it's way from Port Owen thru Empire City and finally to Terminal Yard.

UKP-2 rounds the curve at the City View Apartments on it's way from Port Owen NY to Terminal Yard under the gaze of  of a couple of truck drivers on the right.
UKP-2 heads into Empire City Station and passes and unnamed passenger train led by an E8A
UKP-2 leaving E.C. Station and crossing Railroad Ave.
Rolling under the west side 
And thru the Empire City tunnels
 UKP-2 has made the climb to get up and over Water Street as it heads towards Bedford NY
Climbing the grade on track 1 UKP-2 encounters another string of loaded coal hoppers at Bedford.
 Loaded coal hoppers from Hudson Coal are sitting on track 3  waiting to be moved while UKP-2 on track 1 heads towards Hudson Coal and Terminal Yard.
UKP-2 climbs the grade to Terminal Yard behind Hudson Coal. Meanwhile The Coal Job is busy with this gondola from Prestage Gear with new gears for the coal crusher. The Hudson Coal forklift operator has one on the forks and should have the car unloaded rather quickly.   
 UKP-2 arrives at Terminal Yard. And that closes out P.C.C.M. 32! 
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  1. Nice update on the return train of UKP-2 to Terminal Yard. Rumor has that a new customer for some coal is being negotiated with the management of the A.P.R.R. Watch for further updates!

    1. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal!!! As you saw Hudson Coal is updating some worn equipment and will be ready to meet the needs of new customer(s) as soon as the A.P.R.R. has the contracts in place!

  2. West Mill ad KP Steel acknowledge the arrival to UKP-2 at Terminal Yard.

    Great looking consist on the head end and nice move with the oversized gear load from Prestige Gear!

    Looking forward to learning abut the A.P.R.R. coal connection!

    1. Thanks Ralph!!!
      It was nice to get that gear load out of the gondola after two or years of it sitting in it!
      I'm looking forward to learning more about an A.P.R.R. coal connection as well.