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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Penn Central Car Movement 29E

To:        West Mill (K.P.D.)
              Rock Ridge (A.P.R.R.)
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Blocking of cars from train VN-4 at Terminal Yard

Today the Terminal Yard switch crew will break down inbound train VN-4 and make VN-4 into two outbound local trains, EC-1 the Empire City Turn and B.P.T. the Bedford Park Turn.

In P.C.CM. 29D we ended with the Dispatch Sheet from West Mill that shows the 15 cars forwarded from West Mill on Train WMV-5 (West Mill to Selkirk) to the N.Y.C.T.L. via train VN-4 (Selkirk to New York) The 15 cars moved in this series are in the shaded boxes. These are the cars we will work with today.
Using the Dispatch Sheet I've prepared a switch list to build my trains for local delivery and interchanges.

Armed with the newly prepared switch list the Terminal Yard switcher crew gets busy breaking down train VN-4 on track 1 by pulling the caboose and shoving it to the caboose track on track 2 
Looks like one train has drawn this beat up cupola caboose spotted on track 8 and the other the more modern bay window caboose spotted on track 9. On track 7 is another unit coal train from Hudson Coal awaiting dispatch. 
A minor reshuffle has this block of cars for the Long Island Railroad ready to go with train EC-1 
The Bedford Park Turn is looking good as the crew makes a move thru the yard ladder. The covered hopper will be dropped at Hostess in Bedford prior to the train making it's turn on the West Side.
Shoving the cars for Bedford Park into track 8.
Track 9 (bottom) holds train EC-1, the Empire City Turn sporting a bay window caboose. The two heavy steel loads are from Kings Port Steel and consigned to Mid Island Steel in Medford NY. These cars plus the three in front of them will be dropped at North Side Yard for interchange with the L.I.R.R.
Track 8 with the old cupola style caboose has cars for Bedford and Bedford Park. The two PRR hoppers will be going to Hudson Coal for loading. The cars will be sent back to West Mill for forwarding to Corning Glass Works in Corning NY
The Metro Division crews have marked up and are assigned to their trains. 1/87th scale Sir Neal and PC Ralph will be working train EC-1 with GP38s 7675 and 358. No surprise there!
1/87th scale Engineer Ed and Conductor John will be on the Bedford Park Turn with the elderly caboose and this Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 road switcher. An engine that would have about 20 years of heavy freight service under it's belt. Yeesh! Seniority sure has it's advantages here! 

Terminal Yard out...


  1. To: West Mill (K.P.D.)
    Terminal Yard (N.Y.C.T.L.)

    From: Rock Ridge Yard (A.P.R.R.)

    Acknowledgement of blocking of cars from train VN-4 at Terminal Yard

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

    1. Being the senior 1/87th scale engineer sure has it's benefits!

  2. To: Terminal Yard
    Rock Ridge
    From: West Mill

    Acknowledge yard work for EC-1 and the Bedford Park Turn.

    West Mill Out