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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Monday, March 27, 2017

P.C.C.M. 29I / Long Island Railroad Interchange at North Side Yard

Greetings All,

Today we'll wrap up the P.C.C.M. 29 series with installment 29I. The action will focus on the interchange of freight cars forwarded from West Mill Yard on Ralph V's Kings Port Division to Terminal Yard and then North Side Yard on my layout. 

The Penn Central and the Long Island Railroad interchanged cars at Fresh Pond NY in Queens County NY (one of the five counties that make up New York City) via PC Train LI-2. The New York Central interchanged L.I.R.R. rail traffic via their 60th Street Float Yard in Manhattan. 

For the N.Y.C.T.L. North Side Yard handles the interchange of freight cars between the L.I.R.R. and PC. 

We'll start the action off in Bedford NY with the L.I.R.R. transfer run heading towards North Side Yard.
The L.I.R.R. train holds on track 3 as PC train VN-4 from Selkirk with some T.O.F.C. cars heads to Terminal Yard on Track 2
The L.I.R.R. train heads over the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge while the E.C.P.D continue their work to clean up the Market Street Mob stronghold.
L.I.R.R. RS2 #1556 heading thru midtown towards North Side Yard
Heading around the west side of Empire City
And arriving at North Side Yard
L.I.R.R. #1556 has dropped it's train on track#2 and heads out of the yard via the east side yard ladder. 
L.I.R.R. #1556 has run around the yard tracks and is coupled up to the outbound cars being interchanged.
The North Side Yard switchers have done the honors and tacked on the L.I.R.R. caboose. A terminal air test is underway. 
The newly installed ACI scanner reads the ACI label on this KP&W gondola as it leaves North Side Yard for Eastern Long Island
Hohman Ave tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D has come down to give the L.I.R.R. train a closer inspection. The one thing 1/87th scale Larry D does not want for a gift is a stair master!
Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B is busy juggling trains this afternoon. A three train meet like this would crush lesser 1/87th scale tower men.  
The L.I.R.R. transfer train is running back to L.I.R.R. rails with two gondolas of slab steel from Kings Port Steel consigned to Mid Island Steel off train WMV-5 that opened the P.C.CM. 29 series
The P&E boxcar behind the gondolas contains cases of soda from Woodstock Hills All Natural Soda. The BAR "State of Maine" boxcar contains packaged meals from Cavendish Fine Foods in Mayfield NY and the IC 40' boxcar contains packaged cake mix from Blue Ribbon Flour in Kings Port NY. All of these cars are consigned to Pilgrim State Hospital in Brentwoood NY and they originated on PC Train WMV-5 from West Mill to Selkirk. Eastern Long Island here they come! 
And that's it for the P.C.C.M. 29 series! Thanks for hanging in there and reading the entire series. It's been a lot of fun watching the series originate on Ralph V's Kings Port Division http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/  and running the ops on my own layout. And don't forget to check Ralph's blog to get the latest on PC Unit Train UKP-1 that was sent to West Mill in P.C.C.M. #30.

We'll take a little break before starting up the next P.C.C.M. series. Keep your eye out for a couple of layout projects I'll be posting shortly.

Thanks for reading!


  1. To: North Side Yard
    Rock Ridge (Informational)
    From: West Mill

    Acknowledge the transfer of cars to the L.I.R.R.

    Always a pleasure to see that L.I.R.R. RS3 inaction!

    1. 10-4. Those L.I.R.R. engines are nice!

  2. Thanks for the updates. The A.P.R.R. appreciates keeping them in the loop!

    1. 10-4! Gotta keep the interchange partners in the know!