Custom Painted P-2000 units

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

P.C.C.M. 28F


To:      West Mill
           Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard

Building of Train LS-1

A fan favorite trio of Baldwin S12s are working Terminal Yard
The building of train LS-1 starts with these cars from Bedford Park brought in by the Bedford Park Turn.
The switch crew has started pulling cars from EC-3 as evidenced by these two empty hoppers that came into North Side Yard on the L.I.R.R. interchange freight and ended up at Terminal Yard courtesy of Train EC-3.
The rear brakeman is pulling the pins and attaching the hoses in the finest of brakeman traditions.
The crew is spotting PC 104478 which will be part of the West Mill block. PC Gondola 288673 is part of the Kings Port Block and the NYC Pacemaker car will be blocked for Rock Ridge
West Mill cars on the left, Rock Ridge cars on the right and the brakeman is conserving energy.
The Rock Ridge block is shoved back and the crew exchange some info regarding the rest of the West Mill cars coming in on Track 9 to the left. 
The crew is now working the Mayfield block
At last but not least these two cars for West Mill are coupled on.
 LS-1 is now being shoved back into track 1, the departure track. Caboose 24524 has been coupled on.
 Cutting from the West Mill Yard cars
 Pulling the Rock Ridge cars from track 8 to the departure track
Putting LS-1 together on track 1 and adding the Rock Ridge cars.
Terminal Yard out...

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