Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Friday, February 24, 2017

P.C.C.M 28A

Greetings All,

Penn Central Car Movement #28 (P.C.C.M. 28) is underway!
Join us for the virtual operations between the New York Central Train Layout, Ralph V's Kings Port Division https://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/ and Neal M's Atlantic Pacific Railroad.

The action for this series will originate on the N.Y.C.T.L. at the ever changing Bedford Park. Notification to West Mill Yard on the K.P.D. and Rock Ridge yard on the A.P.R.R. let's the others know the action has commenced. Let's get started;

To:     West Mill
           Rock Ridge
           Terminal Yard
From: Bedford Park Yard     
Dispatch of Bedford Park Turn

It'a a who's who of 1/87th scale trainmen today at Bedford Park Yard. 1/87th scale Sir Neal will be today's engineer, Engineer Ed will be the fireman, PC Ralph will be our brakeman, and Conductor John will be... that's right,  the conductor.
Today's power is ALCO RS-1 9921 still in PRR paint but numbered for the PC and our cabin car will be N8 #478080.
The first move is to pick up these two boxcars from American Hardware Supply. The P&LE Car is consigned to Peerless Appliance and the NYC Pacemaker car is consigned to Mike's Lumber Yard. 1/87th scale PC Ralph has hooked up the brake hoses and the train is building air pressure.
The tight confines of Bedford Park have the crew dropping the two 40'ers from American Hardware Supply in the yard before continuing over to work the Ford Plant. 
First move at Ford is to pull these two empty coil steel coaches.
The crew has dropped the steel cars on track 1 and is running around to get in front of them 
Showing why they are the crackerjack crew of the N.Y.C.T.L. the blocking begins at Bedford Park Yard. The two coil coaches going to Kings Port Steel are now coupled to the P&LE boxcar as all three will be heading to the Kings Port Division.   
The crew is back at Ford to pick up this empty NYC 86' boxcar that will be headed to ACME Auto Parts. Note the NYC Pacemaker car is a homemade track cleaning car. 
The B.P.T. is all coupled up and ready to head to Terminal Yard
Ahead of schedule again the train is held at Bedford Station by Tower Operator 1/87th  scale John B.
1/87th scale Sir Neal and Engineer Ed give a roll by inspection to a GE led freight train from Selkirk that is heading to Terminal Yard after just crossing the Commodore Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge.
GE's meet GE's as a PC Trailvan Train has just departed Terminal Yard enroute to Selkirk and points beyond.
The Trailvan Train passing Bedford Tower.
The B.P.T. is now in the clear and rolling thru Bedford NY. Next stop Terminal Yard
The B.P.T. is rolling thru the Terminal Yard tunnel where the crew will drop the train and check for any outbound cars going back to Bedford Park. 
Bedford Park out...

Stay tuned for P.C.C.M. 28B to follow shortly


  1. As President/CEO/COO/COE of the A.P.R.R., we thank you for your business and look forward to receiving your rail cars to the assigned destinations on the A.P.R.R.

    Sir Neal

    1. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal! It's good to have reliable 1/87th scale rail connections to keep the freight traffic moving and profitable!

  2. The Kings Port Division echoes that sentiment!

    1. Thanks Ralph! Gotta have the connections!