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Saturday, January 14, 2017

A.P.R.R. Boxcar Project

Greetings All,

Early in December 2016 I had the pleasure to speak with 1:1 Sir Neal via telephone. The conversation covered a variety of model railroading topics. Pursuant to that conversation and an exchange of emails the New York Central Train Layout Paint Shop received the contract to paint fourteen (14) cars for Sir Neal's Atlantic Pacific Railroad. With the Holidays fast approaching the Paint Shop quickly got to work to get the cars painted and lettered before the New Year. The cars would hopefully be released from the paint shop at this time and sent up to the A.P.R.R. in early January.

The cars to be painted are Evans 5100 series RBL double door boxcars from Scale Trains. After viewing countless photos we decided that the color white would work best for the RBL car and black AP decals. Let's take a look at the project;

The first cars painted on the N.Y.C.T.L. outdoor paint shop know as the Patti-O; Good thing we live in the south and the weather is mild in December!
We experimented with an all white car and a car with black ends similar to cars painted for the Lehigh Valley.
After  mulling the two paint jobs over we decided that an all white car showed the details better and fit in with the modern AP.
A mock up for Sir Neal's review. This car has the larger AP lettering and herald.
This mock up is for the slightly smaller AP lettering and herald
A side by side comparison. It was important to me to make the most of the decals furnished by Sir Neal for this project. Each custom made AP decal sheet has enough for one car in large lettering and one in the smaller lettering. 
A dozen white cars painted and awaiting decals

To keep the project manageable I went about it in assembly line fashion. Cars on the wood strip are ready for decals. The cars on the spray can caps are awaiting application of Testor's gloss coat.
Getting the decals ready. Each plastic container will get a complete set of decals. The AP decals are from Rail Graphics. The boxcar data and 'Cushion Service' lettering decals are from Microscale.  
The first five are complete. Sharp eyes will note all five are numbered 60358. This was done at Sir Neal's request as he wanted to award a car to some of his model railroad buddies.
A close up of the AP cars
We're at Terminal Yard and 1/87th scale Sir Neal is riding the shoving platform. He's facing back to 1/87th scale Engineer Ed and telling him to couple up nice and easy.  
 No wonder 1/87th scale Sir Neal was being cautious. Some of the brand new AP boxcars are being released from the Paint Shop! 
The gang all gathers to check out the newest release from the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop AP #60358. 1/87 scale Sir Neal inspects the car with help from his 1/87th scale friends at the N.Y.C.T.L.
 AP #60394 is next out of the paint shop. The 60394 is slightly different from the 60358. 1/87th scale Sir Neal took advantage of some attractive financing from the Government's Incentive Per Diem program and the AP leased this car from SSI. Trust lettering is on upper left and lease company name is on lower right.   
Next stop AP 60358 is switched into Neal's Lumber and Hardware for some publicity photos and to show it off to the N.L.&H. employees. 
 Released into revenue service it's time to make revenue for the AP! AP GP38-2 #358 gets ready to switch out Hostess / Wonder Bread Plant in Bedford NY and spot the newly painted AP boxcars. 
With his two new boxcars spotted and ready for loading 1/87th scale Sir Neal takes a last look before hopping back onto his engine and continuing along with his railroading assignment.
The significance of this building is that 1:1 Sir Neal named it in February 2014 and that was the first appearance of 1/87th scale Sir Neal seen below.
Back at Terminal Yard AP #358 pulls the next cars released from the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop

Boxed and ready to ship to the A.P.R.R.! 
This six pack is one that will provide enjoyment for years to come!

Thanks for reading!


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    1. You are right about that! This was a big project.

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  3. thanks John, you make it feel like we are there with you.

  4. Holy Mass Production! I admire the organized way you do things. I have to agree that the all white scheme was the way to go. Very nicely done decal work! Love the pics of the packaged cars in the train!

    1. Thanks for compliments and Batman reference Ralph! I thought the packaged car train made for a good photo op. Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Agree with the crew, nice looking batch of new rolling stock. Hats off to the Patti-O shop crew for a job well done!