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Monday, December 11, 2017

New York Central F7B #2423

Greetings All,

An EMD NYC F7B has recently been added to the N.Y.C.T.L. motive power fleet. While it did not get the fanfare of PC SD45 #6190 that was recently introduced it was another significant engine for my fleet.

The F7B is a Bachmann Plus ATSF model that I purchased used and 'as is' from my L.H.S.  I ended up changing axles and fixing the coupler mounting assemblies. After that the unit performed flawlessly.

The factory paint was stripped using 91% alcohol purchased at a big box store. Rattle can black paint, Microscale Decals, Walthers Solvaset and Testor's Dullcote were used to convert the model into  NYC #2423.

The New York Central purchased 55 F7Bs (2420 - 2474) from EMD between 1949 and 1951 to go along with their 238 F7As purchased during the same period. As delivered the NYC F7s wore the ultra classy NYC lightning stripe paint scheme. Early models had the lightning stripe ending a little more than 1/2 way down the sides. Later releases had the lightning stripes running all the way down the sides and included the B units. In the 1960s the fleet was repainted into the cigar band scheme which carried over into the Penn Central. 

On the N.Y.C.T.L. much of my NYC equipment is in the lightning striped scheme which was no longer around at the time of the merger. Adding some cigar band paint scheme engines gives me the best of both worlds. These units can mix and match with the earlier NYC equipment or the later PC equipment. Like on the prototype they are a lot easier to paint.

The new NYC F7B #2423 part of this NYC cigar band A-B-A- consist gets ready for it's inaugural run.
The consist is assigned to a unit coal train headed towards Selkirk. Perfect train for a maiden voyage with nothing perishable. And we have a lot of loaded coal hoppers to move out!
 Coming downgrade behind Hudson Coal
Opening up the throttle thru Bedford NY

Heading under the Deegan Expressway overpass with a significant coal train.
 A NYC 'Road to the Future' caboose brings up the rear.
 Passing Bedford Tower
 Up and over the Cornelius Vanderbilt Bridge
Posing outside Ralph's Grocery Warehouse with PC SD45 #6190. Like the SD45 the NYC F7 A-B-A worked perfectly!
The NYC F7 A-B-A consist eventually cycled back to Terminal Yard and their next assignment was train NV-2 which was caught on video from the Bedford Station platform.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Penn Central SD45 #6190 Joins The Fleet

Greeting All,

The N.Y.C.T.L. is now the proud owner and operator of Penn Central SD45 #6190. The Patti-O Paint Shop and Terminal Yard Engine Shop has released this Athearn BB SD45 just in time for the holiday season rush in merchandise and coal trains.

About two months ago fellow modeler and blogger John Bruce contacted me asking if I was interested in a certain item that would possibly enhance my fledgling commuter operations. I was thrilled and said yes. The box arrived with the item and some other goodies that included an undecorated Athearn BB SD45 from the mid 1970's according to John. John's generosity is much appreciated and the new SD45 has come to be known as Big John from the song Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean.     

What's an SD45 you ask? The Electro Motive Division of General Motors began production of a new diesel electric locomotive in 1965 powered by a 20 cylinder 645E3 primer mover that produced 3,600 horsepower and rode on C-C trucks. Big, burly, powerful the SD45 was unique in the EMD catalog for it's 20 cylinders and flared radiators. Designed for heavy hauls the SD45s could pull almost anything.

The Pennsylvania RR purchased 130 SD45s between 1966-1968 and the Penn Central added 5 more later in 1968.  The SD45 initially sold well but once in use the 20 cylinder engines crankshafts were known to flex and crack. This pretty much doomed sales but EMD's revised engine block to cure this became the basis of their ultra reliable 710G prime mover.

On the Penn Central, the combined 6,600 horsepower of an SD45 and an SD40 was quite popular as the motive power consist on many trains.

Using rattle can black paint, Microscale decals, Walthers Solvaset, Testor's Dullcote and some acrylic hobby paint for the yellow handrails I converted the undecorated SD45 into PC #6190. 

On the N.Y.C.T.L. SD45 #6190 fills a roster void and more importantly gives my BB SD40 #6282 a running mate. I painted the 6282 in 2012 but it's seen little run time. With the 6190 now on the roster that will change big time. 

Let's take a look;

1/87th scale John B rides the newly painted 6190 into Terminal Yard.
The 1/87th scale trainmen of the N.Y.C.T.L. were on hand for the unveiling.
Looking like a picture from the Penn Central Power book by R.J. Yanosey the 6190 is coupled to SD40 6282.
The SD45 -SD40's first assignment will be Unit Coal Train UAB-1 a coal drag out of Terminal Yard destined for Bethlehem Steel at Ashtabula Ohio. Their combined power should easily handle a thirty five car train and the grade behind Hudson Coal where the black diamonds originated.
The SD45 - SD40 have cleared out track 5 and are pulling track 6. 
The TY switcher couples PRR N6B #980796 to the coal train.The N6B was built, painted and lettered by John Bruce and was one of the train goodies in the box with the SD45. Only fitting it make the maiden voyage!
UAB-1 rolls thru Bedford NY easily pulling the thirty five car train.
SD45 Big John meets GP38 Sir Larry at Bedford Station! The 6282 coupled up to the 6190 has never been happier. This is one of those lash ups that just looks right to me.
This is a unit coal train! PC 100 ton hoppers follow a pair of KP&W 70 ton hoppers thru the switch to track #3.
The rear of UAB-1 features these Athearn BB 50 ton 2 bay coal hoppers. 
UAB-1 engines 6190 and 6282 easily muscle the coal train over the Cornelius Vanderbilt Bridge and thru the grade on the High Line.
Sounding like a Thin Lizzy song the boys are down at Dino's with this week's man of the hour 1/87th scale John B for all the 1/87th scale pizza and beer they can handle courtesy of N.Y.C.T.L. management.  
In continued testing the the BB SD45-SD40 combo easily handled coal trains up to 65 cars. There was some slight slipping on the 65 car train so I added a powered / dummy set of Athearn BB GP38-2s that I painted in 2014. I originally tried them at the rear of the train but that did not fare well. Here's a look at the four PC units on the head end of a 65 car coal train.

Unit Coal Train: USA-1 Hudson Coal via Terminal Yard to US                                              Steel at Ashtabula Ohio. 
Engines: 6190, 6282, 7692, 8024.
Loads: 65. Empties: 0
Caboose: 980796

Thanks John!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Facades at Terminal Yard

Greetings All,

The title says it all. "The Facades at Terminal Yard". Now say that three times fast!

Today we'll take a look at the continuing background work going on at Terminal Yard...

The local pop group 'The Facades' wait for their train to come in while standing on the passenger platform at Terminal Yard in front of one of their namesake facades.
The newly added Terminal Station facade complete with doors to access the passenger platform finishes this side of the room.
 Making the turn with another group of facade buildings
The view from the room entrance. Just what I wanted! A decent city / urban backdrop for Terminal Yard. The bare wood just visible to the left will be the next part of the project .
The rear 3 1/2" of the re-purposed old work bench is not suitable for laying track so I plan to use these reused shelf frames at the back of the bench work for train storage. 
The first facade is in and some ground cover has been added to add color and enhance the scene.
The next series of facades is this large storage facility. Having looked online and in printed media these types of buildings were a big part of the pre 1980 urban railroad scene. Many of the buildings I looked at had little to no windows so I went with the no window look. Large lettering for the company name, phone number etc. will add a lot to the backdrop. This will be an online industry with an eight car siding.    
Some cardboard tubes atop the shelf show off some of the possibilities here. Some billboards and other roof top details will have this looking like the urban industrial railroad I've always envisioned.
Getting the Terminal Yard expansion totally operational is one of my goals for 2018. Track has been ordered and with winter weather here in the South right around the corner it'll be a perfect time to hunker down in the basement and get the track work and wiring done.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This week at Terminal Yard

Greetings All,

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. With the holiday over the gang on the N.Y.C.T.L. is back to work and not a moment too soon. Let's take a look at whats happening at Terminal Yard.

Coal is king right now as no fewer than four tracks are filled with cars loaded with the black diamonds. Hudson Coal has really ramped up production to meet the demands of their customers.
The TY Yardmaster could not resist lining up the hoppers for this publicity photo. Pennsylvania, Empire Belt, Kings Port & Western,  Atlantic Pacific, Penn Central and New York Central Railroads all showing off their paint jobs and being in revenue service. 
The Coal Job is pulling a train of empty hoppers from the depths of Terminal Yard on track 8. 
The Coal Job is heading for Hudson Coal to swap out the empties for another train of loaded coal hoppers.
The next train out is this reefer train headed for Empire City's North Side Yard with blocks of cars for Ralph's Grocery Warehouse and the Empire City terminal market. NYMX 1000 is my latest addition, a used Athearn RTR model purchased at my LHS.  
Five NYMX (NYC) Mechanical Refrigerators from at least three manufacturers and no two look the same! Pacific Car & Foundry built 100 of these cars for the New York Central in 1956. 
Aha! We've found why the 1/87th guys have hung around after their shifts ended. They wanted to see the two newly lettered Long Island Railroad cabooses. 1:1 Engineer Ed provided the decals and the art work. Thanks Double E! The yard switcher is tacking the cabooses to the rear of the reefer train headed for North Side Yard
L.I.R.R. C-91 has come a long way from it's train set roots!
The L.I.R.R. cabooses head towards North Side Yard for later pick up by the L.I.R.R.
With E.E. the man of the hour the guys head over to Dino's Pizza Parlor to enjoy a couple of Frank Nitti pizzas and maybe a Jerry Vale as well. 
Double E accepts his accolades and is ready to chow down as 1/87th scale Conductor John assures him the pizza and beer are on the N.Y.C.T.L. today. 

For pictures of L.I.R.R. Caboose #12 and C-91 click the link. 

Special thanks to 1:1 scale Engineer Ed for making the Long Island and some other decals for me. More on those projects in 2018. 
Thanks Ed!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

E.B.R.R. / A.P.R.R. Paint Project Conclusion / Dispatch of Train AP-1

Greetings All,

The joint E.B.R.R. / A.P.R.R. project concluded it's second phase with the completion of eight Atlas 50' double door boxcars. Six cars are painted in A.P.R.R. colors and two are in E.B.R.R. colors. Two E.B.R.R. cars are numbered the same and two A.P.R.R. cars have the same numbers. These will be divided between 1:1 Sir Neal and myself for use in the virtual ops.

This string of five Atlas Evans 50' double door boxcars newly painted and lettered for the A.P.R.R sit in Terminal Yard drying in the florescent sun.
A pair of Empire Belt Atlas 50' Evans double door boxcars sandwich a similar AP.R.R. car and round out the eight car paint project 
A close up of AP 58279. One 58279 will head to the A.P..R.R. and a second 58279 will stay with the N.Y.C.T.L. for future virtual ops use. 
A close up of E.B.R.R. 358160. One car will go to the A.P.R.R. and the other will remain with the N.Y.C.T.L. for virtual ops use. 
These five A.P.R.R. cars are individually numbered and will be incorporated into the A.P.R.R. fleet upon their arrival at Rock Ridge Yard. They still have that new train car smell!
Last but not least were these two 86' Auto Parts boxcars that were phase 3 of the joint project. They've been stripped of their factory paint and repainted in A.P.R.R. orange. They are awaiting further painting and lettering. 
Fresh from the Paint Shop AP 86' Auto parts boxcar #86035 is boxed up and ready for delivery to the A.P.R.R. NJ Division.
A little better view with the camera flash turned on. Note the 86000 series being used to easily identify this extra large car.

But wait there are two 86' AP cars in this project! I did build one that will remain with the N.Y.C.T.L. so let's see how it looks on the rails with the rest of the cars from the paint project.

1/87th scale Sir Neal has gathered a bunch of the guys at Terminal Yard to see the latest release from the N.Y.C.T.L.'s Patti-O Paint Shop
The guys admire the AP orange and white 50' boxcar and the E.B.R.R. 50' boxcar. Here comes the yard switcher with the new 86' boxcar in tow.
An excited 1/87th scale Sir Neal tells the guys here it comes!
Upon seeing the car the guys all faint they are so overwhelmed by how good the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop painted and lettered this car.
The guys are back on their feet as the switcher couples the 86035 to the E.B.R.R. boxcar. 
1/87th scale PC Ralph has brought the power over from the engine facility. A.P.R.R. GP38-2 #358, Penn Central U28C #6533 and Empire Belt #6574 will be pulling this train from  Terminal Yard to Selkirk. From there the 6533 will take over and A.P.R.R 358 will head back towards the N.Y.C.T.L.  
It's time to dispatch these cars from Terminal Yard thru Ralph's Kings Port Division to Neal's Rock Ridge Yard so 1:1 Sir Neal can take possession 1/87th scale style.

To: Rock Ridge / West Mill
From: Terminal Yard 

Subject: Dispatch of  train AP-1 from Terminal Yard to Rock Ridge Yard.

1/87th scale Senior Engineer Sir Neal prepares to climb up and take the throttle of lead unit AP 358 while the rest of the guys argue over who gets to go on the trip. I think the whole crew will be aboard either an engine or riding the caboose for this special.
Leaving Terminal Yard and passing Hudson Coal
Coming thru Bedford

Next stop Selkirk then onward thru the Kings Port Division to Weehawken where the Atlantic Pacific Railroad will take possession and then take the new cars to the A.P.R.R.'s Rock Ridge Yard for further inspection. 
Check Ralph's K.P.D. Blog to see if the rail fans along the River Line got any good photos. 
Be sure to check 1:1 Sir Neal's A.P.R.R. Blog for the arrival of this Special. 
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