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Thursday, December 15, 2016

N.Y.C.T.L. Metro Division Train BP-1

Greetings  Gang,

The Metro Division 1/87th scale B.L.E.T. do a walk thru tour of Terminal Yard to check out this weeks motive power. ALCO 2415 with RS2 8369 is today's power for Train BP-1 (Bedford Park Turn)
BP-1 pulls thru the tunnel from Terminal Yard and starts downgrade towards Bedford
 The ALCO's rumble thru Bedford NY passing Berk Enterprises
Approaching Bedford Station BP-1 encounters a new face, Amtrak F40PH #209. The new EMDs arrived at Amtrak in early 1976 and can be seen in the Green Frog Penn Central video #6. 
 A Spectrum model that features flashing rooftop lights
BP-1 passes what became known as the Amtrak Heritage fleet
BP-1 rounds the curve at Bedford Tower and heads for Empire City
Rolling across Hohman Ave and getting a wave from 1/87th scale tower operator Larry D. 
A trio of 60' auto parts cars from ACME Auto Parts squeal thru the reverse curve.  
With the train now properly orientated for working Bedford Park BP-1 heads over the High Line  
Meanwhile the Amtrak train has left Bedford Station. According to the Green Frog videos Amtrak intended that the first train to be upgraded, painted platinum mist and lettered for Amtrak was to be the Broadway Limited. Perhaps this is it!  
ALCO 2415, the only C424 on the PC roster, rolls under the signal bridge at Bedford Tower to track 3 so it can shove back into Bedford Park. 
 BP-1 starts it's shove back into Bedford Park
BP-1 has dropped the 3 50' NYC cars at Bedford Park Yard and proceeds to the Ford Plant with the 3 60' Auto Parts cars from ACME.
Pulling the empty 60'ers from Ford
The ALCOs shove the loaded cars from ACME into position. When possible the Metro Division uses other that EMDs for Bedford Park to keep the Ford people happy.
BP-1 has pulled the three loaded NYC 50' double door boxcars from Peerless Appliance from the yard and are now pulling 2 40' boxcars from All-City Storage which is the destination for the 3 cars from Peerless Appliance.
BP-1 shuffles the deck and has dropped the two 40' cars from All-City Storage on yard track#1. Two of the NYC 50' cars on the All-City Storage siding still need to be placed for unloading.
BP-1 clears out Bedford Park Yard to accommodate the inbound NYC 50'ers
The sorting and spotting is complete. The 3 NYC 50' double door boxcars from Peerless Appliance are spotted for unloading. The All-City Storage dock workers will use steel plates to bridge the cars. 
BP-1 leaves Bedford Park passing the conspicuously empty steel receiving track. A labor strike at steel supplier Kings Port Steel has affected production here at Ford.
 Heading back towards Bedford Tower
 Rolling thru Bedford and heading towards Terminal Yard and the completion of it's run.
BP-1 meets EC-1 at Bedford NY as EC-1 (Empire City Turn) heads towards Empire City with a short freight train.

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  1. As usual, lots of fun! The 60-foot cars give a good effect!

  2. I must say, I was very impressed with the Amtrak train. Amtrak is my #2 favorite passenger trains to run behind the LIRR. I do love the fleet of rolling stock on the N.Y.C.T.L. I hope the Ford plant gets back up to full speed. I'm sure this time of the year, bonuses are paid out and people want to buy cars!

    1. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal! Should see some more Amtrak here in the near future as I'm blowing the dust off of some of the lesser run stuff for the Holidays. Sadly no steel shipments coming to Ford until the new year. So what's ever at the dealer is what they'll have for awhile.

  3. Me, I'm liking the C424/ RS2 lash up! Who makes the C424 by the way? Very nice shot of the AMTRAK train at Bedford Station!

    1. Thanks Ralph! I am really liking the C424 / RS2 lash up myself. C424 is an Atlas yellow box model that I bought in Reading paint and painted for the PC last December.