Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22B

Greetings All,

Part 3 of the P.C.C.M. 22 series between the NYCTL and the Ralph V's Kings Port Division http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/

To:        West Mill
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of train BP-1 (Terminal Yard-Bedford Park-                       Terminal Yard)

Train BP-1 with H16-44 #8810 has been been dispatched from Terminal Yard to work the Bedford Park Yard and industries. This is an as needed train that is only run when there are no inbound cars for Bedford Park currently at Terminal Yard. 
BP-1 crosses over to the industrial lead and will drop it's caboose right here
The 8810 has coupled to P&LE 40' Boxcar loaded with bulk hardware for Peerless Appliance
The 8810 has shoved the P&LE boxcar into the Ford Steel receiving track to retrieve these empties that will head back to Kings Port Steel. The derailment highlighted in P.C.C.M. 20 has caused a delay in steel car movements to Ford from K.P. Steel 
Steel empties pulled and 8810 has coupled back up to it's caboose and run around to couple up the KP&W breadbox trough coil coach
Steel cars and boxcars shoved into Bedford Park Yard 
The caboose has been dropped in front of American Hardware while 8810 gets ready to pull cars from the yard and work the Auto Parts tracks at Ford
Pulling empty NYC 86' boxcar 67086 which will head back to ACME Auto parts. 
Next the BP-1 crew will spot these four 60' Auto Parts boxcars 
With 60'ers spotted it's time to grab the caboose and head back to Terminal Yard
 The caboose is coupled on and BP-1 is ready to go
 BP-1 heads approaches the Bedford Tower
At Bedford Station we see a group of N.Y.C.T.L. 1/87th scale trainmen have gathered to see the newly repainted EMD E8A Demonstrator with a refurbished Empire State Express train.
BP-1 passes the Empire State Express observation car as it rolls towards Terminal Yard
The tail end of BP-1 with cars for the Kings Port Division
Later that night the Empire State Express tied down at North Side Yard. Tomorrow it will head to Empire City Station of a rail fan special.

Terminal Yard out...


  1. Looks like the N.Y.C.T.L. has been very busy catching up on delivering freight. Very nice to see the NYC 86' DD box cars on the layout. Haven't seen them in a while. That gives me the idea of adding my 86' cars to the layout. Just don't know where. I may have that car as well. Could be another interchange car? Great report as always! Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Thank You 1:1 Sir Neal! The 1/87th scale trainmen have been very busy this past past week. Check out your NYC 86'er and let us know if it's a match. Marcal Paper can use the 86'ers and so can your Ideal Auto Parts.