Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

P.C.C.M. 20 part 3

Greetings All,

We are fully into installment #20 of the Penn Central Car Movement series and will conclude the series today...

P.C.C.M. #20 originated on Ralph V's Kings Port Division. For those unfamiliar the K.P.D. and N.Y.C.T.L. have been involved in 'virtual ops' since February 1st where we run joint or consecutive ops sessions using similar rolling stock and at times engines even though our train layouts are separated by a thousand miles and the equipment involved never leaves our basements. 

To keep the virtual ops manageable Ralph and I break the ops down into segments so we can easily document and follow the action on each others layouts via photo heavy emails. This blog entry will cover several of these segments and we'll conclude the 20 series today.

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The action in today's blog entry will center in and around North Side Yard located in Empire City. North Side Yard is under the control of the Empire Belt Railroad which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Penn Central. The E.B.R.R. uses PC motive power and from time to time leased engines. The Empire Belt is very loosely based on the New York Central / Penn Central subsidiary Indiana Harbor Belt. The Long Island Railroad, Penn Central and Empire Belt use North Side Yard to interchange rail cars. The L.I.R.R. transfer run delivers and receives cars from N.S.Y. daily which adds some additional rail traffic and operational fun.

Last but not least I'll showcase some of the correspondence between Ralph's Kings Port Division and the Metro Division which oversees operations on the N.Y.C.T.L.   

So with the background of this entry firmly established by the above links let's close out the P.C.C.M 20 series.

P.C.C.M. 20J and 20K

To:       West Mill
            Terminal Yard
From:  North Side Yard / Empire Belt RR

Disposition of freight cars forwarded to the Empire Belt's North Side Yard via Train EC-1 for originating trains WMV-1 and VN-4.

Interchange of freight cars with the L.I.R.R. at North Side Yard

The Empire Belt's power this week is a mix of 1st and 2nd generation
diesels headed by GP30 #2526 and F7A #1644 
The E.B. crew working at North Side Yard is blocking cars for the local industries and setting up cars to be forwarded to the L.I.R.R.
The local's yard work is complete and we are now backing down the
main line to access the crossover switches further east. Our conductor today is none other than 1/87th scale John R. who is manning the back platform and protecting the shove move.
 The E.B. local has crossed over onto the industrial lead from the
mainline. Crossover switches can be seen behind the caboose. The
two gondolas with telephone pole loads on the left are on North Side Yard's track 1 and will be forwarded to the LI.R.R.
The caboose has been cut and we are picking up this loaded flat from
Gervais Pipe and Fitting prior to spotting the empty PC gondola.
PC gondola #288673 is now spotted at Gervais Pipe & Fitting and ready to be loaded with another shipment of pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop. (HVAC).  
We're back on the west side and shoving the train into the west side
reverse curve so we can easily access our next to destinations. 
The engines have cut from the train and are running over the much
photographed Empire City viaduct. Our freight cars can be seen to
the right on the reverse curve. Our train work will be the tracks right
behind the engines.
Our freight cars await the arrival of their motive power
 Engines coupled on, air brakes working and the E.B. is back in
business working the siding for Moore & Co and Drywell Inks. Below we are shoving in to pull two cars from Drywell Inks at the far left.
With outbound cars cleared PC #104478 loaded with steel drums from Kings Port Steel can now be spotted at Drywell Inks door #1
 A little freight car sorting was in order as Neubaum's Coffee Importers located to the left had a boxcar that needed to be re-spotted after clearing the siding to access Dryell Inks. We're now shoving NYC #80779 to the loading dock of Moore &Co to the left. It will be loaded with burlap bags for Empire Grain.
 With cars spotted it's time to get the local in order. We'll build our train here and take the cars directly to Terminal Yard. The train will be designated NS-3
 Neubaum's 40' MILW boxcar is back in place and the NYC boxcar
is spotted at Moore &Co.  
 Now known as Train NS-3 we are heading thru Midtown toward
The High Line where we will cross the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge pass Bedford Tower and roll on to Terminal Yard.
 A lite engine move with two GP20s and caboose heading back to
North Side Yard has NS-3 holding on track 2 at Bedford NY. The
GP20s are often considered the last of the 1st generation of diesels
and the GP30s the first of the 2nd generation. 
 NS-3 continues to hold as the L.I.R.R. transfer run makes it way thru
Bedford NY towards North Side Yard
 B&M 110 is a brand new Evans 5100 cubic foot RBL double door 
boxcar. Introduced in the 1960s this heavily insulated car with optional load restraint equipment received an AAR classification of RBL- Refrigerator Bunkerless.
    The LIRR crosses the Empire City viaduct.
 and enters North Side Yard
 The LIRR crew has dropped it's train on track 3 and run around it to
couple up to the outbound cars for the LIRR on track 1. The two 
gondolas with telephone pole are consigned to NYS DOT Region 10 in Hauppauge NY. These poles came from Bell Pole via train WMV-1 (West Mill to Selkirk) and VN-4 (Selkirk to Empire City NY) 
The LIRR de-facto caboose brings up the markers on the outbound
LIRR train
 The LIRR transfer run coming around the west side and heading back to it's home rails with cars from North Side Yard.

North Side Yard out...
To:      Kings Port Division
From:  Metro Division

All cars forwarded to Metro Division from the Kings Port Division via originating train WMV-1 have now been delivered to their consignees and /or forwarded to the designated
interchanging railroad.

Metro Division out...
Ralph's reply confirming receipt of messages and confirmation of  car movements.
To:      North Side Yard Empire Belt RR, Terminal Yard
From: West Mill

Acknowledge disposition of freight cars forwarded to the Empire Belt's North Side Yard via Train EC-1 for originating trains WMV-1 and VN-4.

Acknowledge interchange of freight cars with the L.I.R.R. at North Side Yard

West Mill Out
To: Metro Division 
From:  Kings Port Division

Acknowledge that all cars forwarded to Metro Division from the Kings Port Division via originating train WMV-1 have now been delivered to their consignees and /or forwarded to the designated
interchanging railroad.

Nice work all!
West Mill Out
And that's it for P.C.C.M. #20
Thanks for reading!!


  1. To: Terminal Yard, North Side Yard
    From: West Mill

    Great post about the conclusion of the latest P.C.C.M. series! Love the GP30/ F7A lash up and its always a pleasure to see those LIRR units!

    West Mill Out.

  2. Thanks Ralph! This one was a lot of fun!

  3. All I can say is...WOW! What a great story and operational session. I do like the referral to Hauppauge, NY. Not sure I've seen that location mentioned. Yes, always enjoyable to see any LIRR trains move, especially in freight operations. Shame they sold that off to the NY&A RR. Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal! I just recently began using the L.I.R.R. connection at North Side Yard to mimic the N.Y.C. / L.I.R.R. Fresh Pond interchange. Gives the layout some more beyond the basement options for operations and does give me a chance to showcase some of the LIRR engines I have. The NYS DOT Region 10 is in fact in Hauppauge NY.