Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Car Movements on the N.Y.C.T.L.

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Here are some car movement photos from past operations during the Summer on the N.Y.C.T.L. These operations were the result of the "Virtual Ops" between the N.Y.C.T.L. and Ralph V's Kings Port Division; http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/ 

One of the things I like about the virtual ops is that someone else decides where the freight cars are going. When I run my solo lone wolf ops coming up with car destinations is not one of my strong points. Having a train made up for me on another railroad with destinations already established adds some nice 'realism' to the operation. I can now concentrate on how to best get the cars from the inbound train to their consignee. 

A printed switch list helps to block freight cars and remember where they need to go once the train pulls out of Terminal or North Side Yard
Why I am using and photographing the Clinchfield caboose and Lehigh Valley switcher I have no idea! But here they are at Terminal Yard doing something. Perhaps it was because I printed out and am using a Lehigh Valley switch list.  
If nothing else I may have just been letting this SW8 stretch it's legs after months in the box.
The switch list in  photograph #1 shows these two flatcars go to track 9 where they will be loaded T.O.F.C.
1/87th scale Engineer Ed gives the safety briefing. 1/87th scale Conductor John checks his watch as Double E. starts to wax poetic and the two portly brakemen from the extra board daydream about the all you can eat linguini at Musachia's Italian Ristorante in West Mill NY 
Switching out the Wonder /Hostess Plant in Bedford NY. Switch list has these NYC cars going here so we're in good shape so far.
1/87th scale Engineer Ed is out on the platform to exchange pleasantries with Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B.
1/87th scale Double E is back out on the platform to give Hohman Ave tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D a shout out and remind him of their upcoming pilgrimage to the A.P.R.R. The railroad of 1:1 Sir Neal. Meanwhile there is some police activity going on in the background.
Train EC-1 has finally reached North Side Yard after all the stopping and gabbing. 
Now identified as EC-2 the train leaves North Side Yard and heads back to Terminal Yard with two cars from Wonder / Hostess
The Empire Belt hosts the trial runs of newly repaired Lehigh Valley FA1s. See here for the issues affecting these units;
1/87th Scale Sir Neal is at Neal's Lumber and Hardware supervising the switching of cars in his lumber yard. PC 77047 will be going to Ralph's Grocery Warehouse which is a bit further down the line.
PC 167872 is spotted inside Neal's lumber yard. NYC 173441 is also consigned to Neal's Lumber and Hardware and is considered "constructively placed" to use some railroad vernacular. The Empire Belt crew will switch the NYC car into Neal's right after lunch as 1/87th scale Sir Neal abhors any type of demurrage charges. 
PC 77047 and EL 73510 get shoved into the Ralph's Grocery Warehouse siding under the supervision of 1/87th scale PC Ralph who is standing next to his jade green corvette 
The Lehigh Valley FA1s are performing well and are a treat for the local rail fans
The inbound cars have been spotted at Ralph's Grocery Warehouse and the LV FA1s depart. A string of empties sits on the industrial lead
Back at Bedford NY the L.I.R.R. transfer run heads towards Empire City and North Side Yard. Looks like it's an ALCO kind of day! 
L.I.R.R. 607 pulls into North Side Yard
The L.I.R.R. departs with it's train after interchanging cars. 1/87th scale Larry D given the L.I.R.R. crew a friendly wave as the Empire City Police continue their investigation.
Heading for home rails the L.I.R.R. Transfer runs thru Bedford Station.
A check of the switch list indicates we have accomplished our tasks for this session. 

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22E

Greetings All,

Part Six of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L. and the K.P.D. of Ralph V. http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/

To:        West Mill
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Train LS-1 ( New York to Elkhart)
              Engines: 2228, 1602, 1644
              Caboose: 23045
              Blocks: 2
              Loads / Empties: 21 / 5
              Total Cars: 26

The Terminal Yard switch crew gets right to work breaking down EC-3 and blocking Train LS-1. PC 167872 is loaded with beer for Reynolds Beverage Distributors in Kings Port NY and will be placed in Train LS-1
PC 167872 has been dropped on track 8 so the yard crew can pull track 7 to B&M 110 and put PC 167872 into the Kings Port block
The Kings Port Division block is cut at the B&M 50' boxcar and PC 167872 will be cut in. NYC 80779 headed to Empire Grain in West Mill will be at the front of LS-1 in the Kings Port Division / West Mill Block 
PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 consigned to Gern Industries will be the first cars in the Kings Port / West Mill Block
The yard work is done and he power for LS-1 has coupled on. The all EMD PC-PRR-NYC paint schemes were quite common on the PC's early years. The GP30, F7A-F7A lash up screams Penn Central!
 From the pages of Classic Trains Summer 2016 
 LS-1 hits notch 8 rumbling thru Bedford NY
LS-1 Block 2 for West Mill and the Kings Port Division
 Middle of  Block 2 for West Mill / K.P.D.
 The end of LS-1 and Block 2
 Heading past Bedford Tower we see ML-7 working the Ford Plant
Rounding the curve towards the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge
 On the High Line thru Empire City
 Next stop Selkirk NY

Terminal Yard out...
To:        Kings Port Division
From:    Metro Division
Subject: Car Movement Cards for Train LS-1 Block 2 to be cut off                 at Selkirk for West Mill

Metro Division out...
To: Terminal Yard       
From:  West Mill  
Subject: Acknowledge the dispatch of Train LS-1
This concludes the origination part of P.C.C.M. 22. Look for the next installments on the K.P.D. at 

Here are some exciting scenes from the next episode;
To:      Terminal Yard, Selkirk
From: West Mill

PC Train VW-1 (Selkirk to Weehawken) arrives and sets out block of 14 cars (originally from TrainLS-1) at mid-division point West Mill.

Penn Central Train VW-1 slows as it emerges from the tunnel north of West Mill.  Headed by a U28C/U33C/GP38-2 consist, the first block immediately behind the power is to be cut for West Mill.   The rest of the train will continue to Weehawken.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22D.

Greetings All,

Part 5 of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L. and Ralph V's Kings Port Division; http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/

To:        West Mill
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Train EC-3 ( Afternoon Empire City Turn                       Terminal Yard - North Side Yard - Terminal Yard)

Fairbanks Morse H16-44 #8810 still in PRR paint leads Train EC-3 out of Terminal Yard 
EC-3 heads past University Lumber and Milling in Bedford NY. TPFX 5510 and PC 160502 are on today's switch list and EC-3 will pick them up on the return trip from North Side Yard. .
EC-3 first stop is Heileman Brewery where they will pull these four loaded cars and spot four Hi Cube Cars. Heileman is introducing long neck bottles to its product line.
PC 167872 is loaded with beer for Reynolds Beverage in Kings Port NY
EC-3 has left Bedford and is now rounding the curve for North Side Yard
EC-3 arrives at North Side Yard 
8810 has left it's train on the mainline which is sometimes used as the arrivals / departure track. 8810 is running back thru the yard on track 2 to grab it's caboose drop and leave cars for N.S.Yard before heading on it's way. 
The crew of 8810 have shoved their train into Track 2 as they belatedly realized that the Empire Belt crews have marked off today for the rail fan special so they could not use the main as an arrivals and departure track. 8810 will pull it's caboose, RI 35062 which is headed to Berk Industries and PC 167872 which they picked up earlier at Heileman Brewery. 
 8810 assembles the second part of the turn
EC-3 is back at Bedford where it will work University Lumber and Berk Enterprises
Pulling PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 loaded with cabinets for Gern Industries in West Mill NY 
EC-3 is reassembled on track 3 and waits for ML-7 (Terminal Yard - Bedford Park) to clear the switch for track 2 
ML-7 heads to Bedford Park and EC-3 gets ready for the signal to proceed
EC-3 struggles up the grade towards Terminal Yard under the watchful eyes of the local still operator. Ironically 40 years from now this will be considered at Micro-Brewery
 EC-3 arrives at Terminal Yard

Terminal Yard out...
To:  Terminal Yard     
From:  West Mill 
Subject: Acknowledge the dispatch of Train EC-3

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