Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Greetings All,

P.C.C.M. #19 has begun!

The 19th installment of the Penn Central Car Movements between the New York Central Train Layout and the Kings Port Division  http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/ is now under way. Below are some highlights of the P.C.C.M. 19's opening movements;

Dockworkers at Reliable Machine Works in Empire City load NYC 50' boxcar 80779 with motors and machine parts that will head to Peerless Appliance in Mayfield NY on the Kings Port Division.

PC 77047 is loaded with wood shipping crates at Neal's Lumber and Hardware. The load is consigned to Woodstock Hills All Natural Soda in Kings Port NY

Two covered hoppers loaded with grain at Cargill will make their to Empire grain in West Mill NY

A North Side Yard to Terminal Yard transfer run leaves N.S. Yard behind a  pair of GP20s while an RS1 leads a Terminal Yard to North Side transfer. Hohman Ave tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D. has the train movements under control as he gives the high sign to both engineers. 

The RS1 has placed it's train on track 1 at North Side Yard, set the brakes and uncoupled. Here the engine couples onto the caboose for the trip back to Terminal Yard

The GP20s return to North Side Yard caboose light. I know what you're thinking. Why didn't the GP20s bring the freights cars from the RS1 back from Terminal Yard instead of having two separate locomotives run light from each location. Good question. The answer is 1/87th scale union agreements. North Side Yard and Empire City proper are both controlled by the wholly owner subsidiary Empire Belt Railroad. So freight is transported in and light movements go out of the railroads respective yards. 

The GP20s, leased to the Empire belt, get right to work, pulling the loaded
 PC boxcar from Neal's Lumber & Hardware.

Next the E.B. train crew grabs the two loaded covered hoppers from Cargill

PC 229036 id loaded with pipe fitting for the Hudson Valley Agricultural Cooperative which will be forwarded to the Kings Port Division

The E.B. crew is building the next outbound Terminal Yard transfer run. 

Time to pick up the NYC 80779 from Reliable Machine Works

Tacking the caboose and NYC 80779 to the rear of the Terminal Yard transfer

Before leaving Empire City the Empire Belt train crew will switch Ralph's Grocery Warehouse exchanging empty reefers for loaded reefers.

A Ralph's Grocery Warehouse employee goes off duty with his boombox blasting.

Reefers for Ralph's!

The Empire Belt train crew is now ready to depart North Side Yard

But first a Long Island Railroad train drops off a set of cars for interchange with the EB/ PC
This is a daily train into and out of North Side Yard. 1/87th scale union agreements allow for the movement of freight by the LIRR into and out of North Side Yard. 

Today however the LIRR will return caboose light to Fresh Pond NY

The Bedford Park Turn from Terminal Yard to Bedford Park turns on the West Side reverse curve. 

This will allow the B.P.T. easier access into Bedford Park Yard and industries.

With it's switching done the Bedford Park Turn heads back to Terminal Yard

Meanwhile at Terminal Yard on track 9 two T.O.F.C. flatcars destined for 
Williams Yard on the Kings Port Division are ready for pick up 

And the Terminal Yard transfer from North Side Yard has arrived on track 5. 

Next installment we'll put the finishing touches on the N.Y.C.T.L.'s portion of the P.C.C.M. 19 series and send the train towards the Kings Port Division

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  1. I know I've already mentioned it, but those Geep 20's look really sharp in the NYC scheme. I also like that NYC was the only original customer to order them without dynamic brakes. Of course they also were in PC and Conrail as well.I'm not a huge fan of the later versions with the paper air filter modification. Give me the good old turbo versions.

    1. The NYC GP20s really appreciate the compliments! I agree whole heartedly with your comments. The GP20s appear here based on your prior comments. Glad you saw them! For the record they are Life Like P-2000 models and they are strong pullers.