Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Friday, October 7, 2016

P.C.C.M. 19B

Greetings All,

Continued coverage of Installment 19 of the Penn Central Car Movement series between the New York Central Train Layout and the Kings Port Division. http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/

1/87th scale PC Ralph is working as a brakeman on an overtime extra out of Terminal Yard. PC Ralph is riding the new shoving platform (NYC 506787) at Hudson Coal. The Extra will switch out the loads for the empties in the background. Two of the loads, the PC cars in the front, will be going to Kings Port Steel.

1/87th scale conductor John R and PC Ralph talk over their next moves as the final string of loads rolls out

Next stop is Berk Enterprises where the crew will pick up EL 40' boxcar 73510 which is consigned to Woodstock Hills All Natural Soda in Kings Port NY. 1/87th scale brakeman PC Ralph tells the conductor that we should couple the EL car ahead of the PC hoppers to save time later  

1/87th scale brakeman PC Ralph is in the clear as the head end of the Extra will back onto the siding to couple up to the EL car

PC Ralph uses the shoving platform they liberated from Terminal Yard to ride out of the siding after shoving several cars back into place. 

The Extra rolls thru the West Side reverse curve. Note the the EL boxcar is coupled to the two PC hoppers. All three are going to Kings Port. Good Idea 1/87th scale PC Ralph!

Hohman Ave tower operator 1/87th scale Larry D. gives a wave to the train crew.

1/87th scale Engineer Ed reclaims the switching platform from the Extra which we
now learn was in the able hands of 1/87th scale Sir Neal

The switching plan is put into place. The earlier idea by 1/87th scale PC Ralph
will greatly speed up the moves necessary to build train BF-1 which is due out shortly. 

The switching is done. The extra crew and yard crew are ready to go off duty.

The crews gather at a local watering hole for some well deserved cold adult beverages.
Both crews acknowledge 1/87th scale PC Ralph's time saving work on the extra and
his currency will be no good tonight but his glass will always be full. 

Trainmen and tower men meet up to enjoy some camaraderie, trade insults and tell tales of their great switching work today.

Meanwhile Train BF-1 (Empire City to East St Louis) has just departed Terminal Yard with a 19 car block for West Mill on the Kings Port Division 

BF-1 rolls across the High Line en-route to it's first stop at Selkirk

Block #1 going to East St Louis

Block #2 going to West Mill in train VWM-8 after being switched out at Selkirk

BF-1 Stretching to Bedford Station

A short video of P.C.C.M. 19 on the N.Y.C.T.L.


  1. Thanks for the photo and video documentation of this train! BF-1 arrived at Selkirk and cut the block of cars for the Kings Port Division. Here they are arriving at West Mill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t77iMawidk

  2. My pleasure Ralph! Great to see the follow up on the K.P.D / West Mill video.

  3. Great story line on both the NYCTL and Kingsport Railroads. Always enjoy your photos and narratives.

  4. PC Ralph and the new platform made quick work putting together train BF-1. Nice looking pair of SD35's to lead the consist. Are the PC hopper cars your handiwork? They make a nice looking addition to BF-1.

    1. Thanks Brian! 1/87th scale PC Ralph is certainly doing a fine job thus far. The SD35s are Atlas yellow box models that I painted to represent their 1:1 PC counterparts. The hoppers are factory painted models. The first one getting pulled in picture 1 is a Walthers model and the second is an Atlas model. Thanks for the compliments!