Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Extra 3007

Greetings All,

A home remodel that went two weeks past it's anticipated completion date allowed rail traffic on the N.Y.C.T.L. to come to a complete halt. Frustrated over the slow going of the remodel and the need to get trains rolling prior to April 1st the Terminal Yard yard master put together Train Extra 3007 to clear out some yard space and open up some industrial sidings. Here is a copy of the message sent from Terminal Yard on March 31st .

TRAIN: Extra 3007
ORIGINATION: Terminal Yard
TERMINATES: Selkirk Yard
ENGINES: GP40 #3007, GP30 #2218, U33B 3893, F7A 1602
CABOOSE: 23045
LOADED / EMPTY: 18 / 7
TOTAL BLOCKS: 4. Note: Block 1, 4 cars for Hoschton Railway.
                                             Block 2, 6 cars for Williams Yard.
                                             Block 3, 9 cars for Rock Ridge Yard
                                             Block 4, 6 cars for Selkirk Yard.

Penn Central Alco C424 2415 picks up an empty NYC 40' hi cube boxcar from Hudson Coal.
The temporary shut down of the N.Y.C.T.L. had a ripple effect on adjoining systems and
caused some car shortages.

2415 pulls a string of cars from the Industry City siding. Six NYC / PC cars, four different manufacturers and six different shades of jade green or mercury green.  

PC 104478 recently out of the Kings Port Division shops after having it's roof walk removed.
The 104478 is on it's way to Cavendish Fine Foods and Spirits with a load of food containers
from Berk Enterprises.

PC RS2 9942 is assigned to the Empire Belt this week. Here we see it pulling two empty 50' double door boxcars from Prestage Gear. With empties in short supply system wide due to the temporary N.Y.C.T.L. shutdown these two are headed off to the Kings Port Division along with the NYC 40' Hi Cube car from Hudson Coal. All three are consigned to the Peerless Appliance Company who are having fits trying to get their merchandise shipped.

A front end loader is out bound from Caterpillar to Hedberg Aggregate in Kings Port NY.

A PC 40' gondola with a load of pipe consigned to the Gulf River Facility.

The Empire Belt transfer run to Terminal Yard

An aerial view of the transfer run.

A four unit lash up headed by PC GP40 3007 known to rail fans as "the Growler"
This diesel was purchased in June 2013 using the contract services of the N.M.D.C.

A NH 40' track cleaning boxcar is coupled to the engines. Two new Bachmann 50' boxcars follow. The RI 40' boxcar marks the end of block 1. Block 1 will be sent off to the Hoschton Railway Company.
On the siding we can see a Missouri, Kansas & Quincy (MKQ) 50' plug door boxcar with a load of paper for Berk Enterprises. Modelers will recognize the MKQ as the road of model railroader Gary Hoover. The MKQ car is from Accurail. 

PC 40' boxcar 104478 marks the beginning of block 2 on Extra 3007. The Thrall All-Door boxcars are being spotted at University Lumber and Mill work.

Block 3 starting at the TOFC cars is destined for the Atlantic Pacific RR's Rock Ridge Yard in New Jersey

CB&Q cement hoppers, two empty PC auto racks and two pipe loads round out block 3

Block 4 comes into view being lead by the Rock Island 50' boxcar 

PC 23045 brings up the markers.

Extra 3007 in action on the N.Y.C.T.L.

Thanks for reading and watching!


  1. Great post! Let me see if I understand this. You, Ralph, and Neal don't actually exchange cars. Do you each have the same model (e.g. bluebox) on each of your layouts and move them out of staging and to industries in any sort of coordinated plan? Or if, for instance, I were to say car X is going to the V&O via the L&N, and in reality the V&O doesn't exist any more as an actual layout, but it doesn't matter, because I say that's where it's going, and Allen McClelland neither knows nor cars?

  2. Thanks John! Ralph and I use similar models to represent car movements on our respective layouts. An e-mail will be sent much like the above post detailing what cars are moving and where. After the cars leave the NYCTL they head into the box until they are cycled back. We've had a lot of fun with it. When Interchanging with Neal's APRR I email him and let him know I'm sending a block of cars. Neal models the modern day so we don't have many of the same cars. No big deal an open auto rack travels from my layout to his and by the time it gets there it's an enclosed modern day auto rack. It's a time traveler as well as layout traveler.

  3. Nice documentation of Extra 3007!

    John B. As John noted we just happen to have a number of cars in common that we use in a "virtual ops" scheme between our layouts. He selected some for Block 2 of his train to Selkirk where I imagine they will be cut and then put into a train headed to Kings Port's Williams Yard on my layout. I'll photograph that train's arrival. Then in a day or so I'll create a local train to set out the cars he "sent me" After a while I'll send cars and orders to John for car movements to industries on his layout.

  4. Thanks Ralph! Excellent explanation.