Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Extending the siding at Neal's Lumber & Hardware

Greetings All,

Longer cars need longer sidings. A fact that cannot be argued with and a fact that 1/87th Scale Sir Neal Himself soon realized. Last entry Neal's Lumber & Hardware received it's first lumber shipments in the newly released 72' Center Beam Flat Cars. While the longer cars made into and out of Neal's lumber yard spur it was noted that the additional length stopped the yard gates from closing. A pretty simple operation to extend the track commenced last Tuesday as part of the TrainLife One Thing Done Tuesday challenge.  Let's take a look;
A.P.R.R. GP38 #358 and PC GP40 #3175 shove a short work train through
Empire City to Neal's Lumber and Hardware. Today is the day Neal's get's
it spur extended to accommodate longer freight cars 

1/87th Scale Sir Neal Himself is watching the heavy equipment rip up his yard 
and add a short extension to his spur. 

The track is now in and the big Cat is tamping down the ballast.

A heavy duty track end bumper was required by the City Zoning Commission due to the track terminating very close to an adjoining building. The big hook will take care of placing it in the right position.

The big hook is shoved into Neal's Lumber Yard

The track end bumper is being lowered slowly into place. 

1/87th Scale Sir Neal watches the final adjustments on the track end bumper. 

The job is done and the train is packed up and almost ready to roll.

1/87th Scale Sir Neal Himself checks that the gate close properly at quitting time. A late delivery of lumber will have the staff working hard first thing in the morning.


  1. Great post! But you mention TrainLife. I've never for the life of me been abler to figure out that site. How do you get to the forum there, or whatever it is?

  2. Thanks John! Regarding TrainLife.com to access the "forum" so to speak you have to sign up. The sign up icons are in the upper right or just above the spot for your email address. The site suffered a major crash earlier this year and most of the downloaded magazines and photo albums were lost. Right now it appears to be on it's last legs but there are a few die hards that continue to post. A nice group of guys but with most of the resources and members gone it's really just a way to keep in touch with the guys that remain.

  3. Nice move for security and safety, and a fun way to follow the progress! Now those Center Beams can be dropped off and completely contained on Neal's grounds. Say, who makes the bumper?

  4. Thanks Ralph! The bumper is an Atlas code 83 product. I got two of them that a prior owner snipped off the track from my LHS for a some loose change. They look pretty good and snap right into the code 100 track that I use.

  5. On behalf of Neal's Lumber and Hardware, we thank you for helping us serve the citizens and business people in Empire City with the best products and service possible. The APRR always enjoys helping the local businesses grow. John Bruce, as John R stated, the site is hanging in there, and I approve members for them. Sign up and let John R know and he'll e-mail me. Once I know that, I'll approve you.

    The NYCTL is looking better than ever John. Keep it going!!

  6. Thanks for the comments Neal! Your encouragement has always been much appreciated!

  7. John how much did you add on to the spur

    1. About 3" Bobby. This allowed for the placement of the bumper and gave just enough clearance for the 72' car.