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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Light Hearted Special Charter

Greeting All,

After all the research on the four part New York Central Automobile Industry Traffic posts it's time for some light hearted model train fun. Using current circumstances and totally disregarding actual times, dates and places I present A Light Hearted Special Charter for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Monday was an extremely busy day at Empire City Station as private varnish arrived for a special New York Mets and New York Giants charter train. With the Mets playing the Cubs in Chicago in the National League Championship Series starting Tuesday night and the Giants playing their arch rival Eagles in Philadelphia Monday night the 1/87th scale phone lines started ringing off the hook with our 1/87th scale New York sports fans looking to parlay this week into something special.

Leading the Special are two custom painted boiler equipped New York Central GP7s. The models are Athearn BB units and have had grab irons added. Not a prototypical NYC paint job but I like the smaller lettering and the script herald. The units were numbered 412 and 505 mainly because the numbers fit into the number boards. I think these are the first engines I custom painted. At the time my prototypical resources and knowledge was very limited. Not that it would matter much with his light hearted totally non-prototypical blog entry!  

The 414 and 505 are both long hood forward which on the NYC was the front of the engine. In one of the Emery Gulash NYC videos the yard master lined three such units all long hood forward and received a nice "he's all class" compliment from the narrator. Perhaps the Terminal Yard yard master had that in mind when he set up these two engines.

A New York Central Baggage Car will serve as a piano bar and dance hall for the trips.

Next is a PRR coach owned by my son who is a huge Giants fan followed by a NYC Diner.
Both cars are Bachmann Spectrum models
The red cap looks to be trying to get someone's attention.

Next in the consist is the private varnish of 1/87th scale PC Ralph which came down earlier today from the Kings Port Division. That's 1/87th scale PC Ralph standing by the door to his car
sporting his jade bluegrass green work shirt and matching cap.

1/87 Scale PC Ralph kibbutz's with some of his friends who will be making the journey on his newly refurbished sleeper car. Note the glare from the chrome on his 1/87th scale jade green corvette.

Next in line is my own New York Central Sleeper car, "Imperial Fleet" That's 1/87th scale John in the tan jacket glad handing one of the guests. 

The last passenger car in the consist is 1/87th scale Sir Neal's sleeper observation car "Nassau County"
There's 1/87th scale Sir Neal in his signature blue overalls talking with the engine crew as he waits for the train to get rolling. Note 1/87th scale Sir Neal's vintage Cadillac convertible parked to the right.  

The boys are certainly not travelling light as the special takes on supplies. A 50' reefer car of beer ought to get the gang through game 4 of the NLCS.

Tacked onto the rear of the train is 1/87th scale Sir Neal's Yacht. With some down time between the NLCS games 1/87th scale Sir Neal will be cruising the Chicago River with his friends.  

Lets Go Mets!

Lets Go Giants
Ugh they lost in a sloppy game


  1. I can't imagine a finer way to go to see the NLCS!!! Private cars, good friends, plenty of provisions and nothing but smooth rails between NY and Chicago! 1/87th scale Ralph has a knack for color coordination! :)

    Lets Go Mets!

  2. Sure was a nice time in Chicago! METS WIN!!!!! Enjoying the trip back home.

    1. What a trip it was! And yes your 1/87th scale self is quite the clothes horse!