Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

An A.P.R.R. Story Part 2

Greetings Blog Followers,

Today we present part 2 of the popular an A.P.R.R. Story series. Let's take a look at what A.P.R.R. CEO 1/87th scale Sir Neal and the gang are up to today...

A group of 1/87th scale railroaders gather on the sidewalk down the block from Neal's Lumber and Hardware prior to meeting over lunch at one of 1/87th scale Sir Neal's favorite spots, Moriarty's Pub & Restaurant. The lunch time summit has been called by 1/87th scale Sir Neal to discuss and hopefully implement an idea that could revolutionize railroading. 

    Gentleman, we now have mechanical refrigeration said 1/87th scale Sir Neal... 
 I want everyone here to think Juice... Juice! Replied the other 1/87th scale railroad owners. 
Yes, Juice replied 1/87th scale Sir Neal. Specifically orange juice. 
Check out the siding before we sit down to lunch.

And there it was, a 50' mechanical reefer painted for Tropicana Orange Juice. Boys imagine a dedicated train of modern Tropicana reefer cars hauling orange juice from Florida to Kearny NJ  for distribution to the tri-state area. Kearny NJ? Where the heck is that and why there said the group? 1/87th scale Sir Neal just shook his head and replied it's in New Jersey right near my Rock Ridge Yard. Come inside and I'll explain further. 

1/87th scale Sir Neal explained that he had the connections with the Seaboard RR, was certain the RF&P would join in and that all he needed was to get the cooperation of the Penn Central. 1/87th scale Sir Neal had a few Tropicana Reefers already painted but would still need a slew of reefers to make this train a reality. For that he called upon all his railroad connections to route their newest mechanical reefer cars towards Rock Ridge Yard.

And so it begins...

A.P.R.R. #358, PC 8024 (liberated from the Kings Port Division) and a NYC GP35 (from the N.Y.C.T.L.) on point of an early juice train. As time went on the Juice Train would become
 "pure" Tropicana Mechanical reefers and ultimately a completely CSX train.

1/87th scale Sir Neal's plan was audacious for the times. This would be the first food product unit train in history. Tropicana would save 40 million dollars in in fuel costs alone in the first ten years of operation. A win-win for the railroads and Tropicana.

An early 1/87th scale juice train with Tropicana cars from Athearn, Lionel and Tyco. 

                                         The plan worked so well that it is still in use today!
                                              The current CSX version of the Juice Train




                                       Sir Neal's 1/87th scale Tropicana Juice facility.  




  1. So THAT'S how it happened! What an innovation! Neal's juice facility is very nicely done! The train stops short of the Kings Port Division but I'm happy to see one of its units helping out.

  2. Pay no attention to that Wikipedia drivel! Now the truth is out. Very generous of the Kings Port Division to add to the Juice Train Power Pool. Nice job by the power dispatcher to get this approved by the Movement Bureau!