Custom Painted P-2000 units

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dependable Auto Parts Distributors

Greetings Blog Followers,

It's been a couple of busy weeks away from the layout with both College and High School graduations plus the out door chores that arrive every May. I was able to get a few small things done this week. One of which is this small building built from DPM leftover components. It was a pretty simple and straight forward build that resulted in a pretty nice building that will occupy the front edge of the layout near North Side Yard.

The building features a loading dock and lift up door on this side. The building has been painted with rattle can red oxide and the doors and windows are a rattle can green.

The building is close to the edge and the tracks. A roll up door faces the area where a roadway will be installed. 

The underside shows the card stock roof and black coffee straw supports. The card stock is from some junk mail and the black straws are courtesy of PC Ralph. 

A 32' P.I.E. trailer is spotted at the side loading dock.

The roof awaits some additional details. The gray edging is made of some hobby sticks from Micheal's Crafts. They cover the notches in the tops of the DPM components.
Looking to the left you can see the area getting some attention. A rehabbed structure sits to the left and another industry is located at the far left. All are non rail served industries but they are small enough to fit in at this edge and give the area an industrial feel. A team track in North Side Yard may be in the works to provide periodic rail service to these three industries.  

Needing an identity these decals came in a Walthers kit. I painted some styrene rattle can red and applied the decals. The "signs" were then mounted with a tacky glue. Dependable Auto Parts Distributors is now a thriving non rail served industry.

View from the other side of the layout. Note how that PC car photo bombed the pictures!

Next up is some dullcote and some window "glass" after that I'll continue with this area and report on the progress. 


  1. I like it! Looking good and a great use of that available space. There was a beverage distributor structure along the tracks in Anoka, Minnesota that I'd occasionally drive by that wasn't much bigger than Dependable Auto Parts. It has a similar set up track side. I'm thinking its time to invest in the company that makes those black straws. The modelling word is going to pick up on their versatility and they'll be a hot commodity! Love the PC covered hopper photo bomb! Always a welcome sight!

  2. Thanks for the compliments Ralph. It was a fun build with spare parts and of course the black straws which are fast becoming a staple in every modeler's parts box. Good investment advice. As it was told to Dustin Hoffman in the graduate "think plastics".