Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gervais Industries and Reliable Machine Works Taking Shape

Greetings Blog Followers,

The weather here has finally gotten back to normal. Two weeks of cold and rain closed down my outdoor rattle can spray paint operations. Thankfully the sun came out last Friday and the temp hit 60 degrees. This allowed me to move a couple of projects including the new Gervais Industries and Reliable Machine Works, forward. Although there is still lots of work to be done on both industries here are some updated photos.

Reliable Machine Works better known as the Walthers Cornerstone kit Reliable Warehouse and Storage sits at is new location. The building has been painted and the mortar lines have been added.

The odd shape is evident here. The area in the front will be for employee and visitor parking. Looks a little like the South Bronx when I worked there!

The new building will look good occupying the corner opposite Newbaum's Coffee Importers. 

The track side view. The previous building here was a Smallman Street Warehouse kit with the track running inside the building. It never quite worked out for a few reasons. #1 the door opening would not allow a standard height boxcar to enter even with the track placed flat on the table top. #2 the  track leading to the warehouse runs under the building to the left making it difficult to uncouple and couple. Preliminary tests with this new set up were very satisfactory.

Another string of flat cars loaded with pipe is leaving Empire City. Rail Fans have seen an increase in pipe ladings on flats and gondolas in recent weeks. Where are they originating from?

A look at the east side industrial area of Empire City shows that Gervais Industries new Pipe and Fitting Division is up and running. While still in the "mock up" stage  G.I. is operationally up and running.     

The Smallman Street Warehouse now houses the new Gervais Industries. Gervais Industries personnel watch as a crane operator loads another flat car with pipe. A groundsman is inside the gondola helping to position the load.  

 A view from the south side

Meanwhile on the Mainline Penn Central E8A 4317 leads a mail and express train of Flexi Vans and bulk mail cars.


  1. Lots going on and its all looking good! Reliable Machine Work's shape makes it interesting and it looks like it fits right in with the surrounding area. That's cool that it conveys the South Bronx for you. Nice neat work on everything as always John! I like the pipe unloading scenes with the Gervais Industries personnel making it all come alive. Best wishes for every success to both industries! You know I enjoyed the PC covered hoppers and E8, or course!

    1. Hi Ralph, Thanks for kind words and encouragement. Glad you liked the PC units. Sometimes you have to stage for your followers!

  2. That's very considerate! Of course, the down side is me getting envious looking at your PC equipment and then telling myself "Hey! I need to get some of those!" Actually, that sounds like an UP side!