Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Odd and Ends

Greetings Blog Followers,

Conrail diesels along with the Chessie System and New York Central continue racking up the miles this week on the layout. Some of these units have not been out of the box for well over a year, possibly two. Anyway we're limbering them up, stretching their legs and giving them some layout time.

Conrail B23-7s lead a freight train with run through Chessie System power that 
originated on the J&A Junction Railroad. 

A colorful lash up of Conrail and Chessie System units contrasts with the more somber  New York Central GP30s sitting at North Side Yard.

Looks like General Electric is the dominant diesel for today's action. 
A pair of NYC U33Bs enter North Side Yard

Meanwhile over at Neal's Lumber and Hardware Sir Neal supervises the off loading of his first shipment of R.V. Windows and Doors from Minnesota. 

A big banner advertising the newest addition to Neal's Lumber and Hardware's product line. If you are wondering what happened to the Christmas Trees received last week they are sold out. 
All trees were pre-ordered just like the new model train business model. This also eliminates wasteful  tree cutting in our forests. 

Speaking of signs Lionel Trains has scored an advertising coup. With all the railroad activity in and out of Neal's on a daily basis the Lionel Electric Trains sign was a no brainer 

 Speaking of Lionel and electric trains nothing says the holidays like an A-B-A set of Santa Fe Warbonnets. 
The Warbonnets holds the record for the biggest selling electric train paint scheme of all time.


  1. Love the contrast between the multi-colored units and the NYC black. I recall a Railroad Model Craftsman issue in the early 70's with a cover touting America's colorful railroad locomotives. As a kid in NY I was thinking...colorful?...they're all black! I was surprised to see pictures of schemes like the Chessie System's.

    Glad to see the RV Window shipment survived the trip. The banner is eye catching! I hope the windows bring a lot of business to Neal's!

    1. When I got into model railroading and picked the NYC for no other reason than living in NY I as a bit jealous of the paint schemes of the Santa Fe and Chessie as the lightning stripes were long gone. Now I fully embrace and enjoy modeling the decrepit bankrupt look of the early 70s.

      Word on the street from Huggy Bear is that RV Window execs are looking to expand manufacturing operations to Empire City if a suitable location can be found. Unfortunately there is no word on the street about the missing RV executive at this time. Some think he has earned a pair of cement shoes while others claim he fled with RV trade secrets in an act of industrial espionage.

  2. Latest P&L analysis at Neal's Lumber & Hardware seem to indicate record profits this year! Neal thanks everyone for their business!

    1. Hi, Neal! Neal's Lumber and Hardware has proven to be a thriving business and a great railroad customer! Here's to further growth and profits in 2015!