Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Six Axle Power

Greetings Blog Followers,

I've continued operating the layout using Empire City Station as a diesel ready yard as described in my prior blog entry. Another operations scenario I added is to reestablish the importance of the New Haven's Maybrook Yard.  PC management tried heir best to close this yard to save money coming up with run through trains NE-74 and NE-97 pooling PC and EL power.  We will operate under teh premise that het Poughkeepsie Bridge fire has not yet happened. With the emergence of regional carrier Kings Port and Western and the class 1 Atlantic & Pacific Railroad the amount of freight traffic to and from Empire City has grown by huge amounts. To move this traffic some of my six axle fleet drew the assignments for this week.

The EC Diesel Yard hostler has backed this trio of EMD six axle power into place and coupled up with the Maybrook Manifest. For today we'll call it MB-1. The three engine lash up consists of custom painted Penn Central SD40 #6282, NH SDP40 #6502 and custom painted PC SDP40 #6190. All engines are BB models and all are powered which will be necessary for today's train. The train itself is basically two blocks. The first for the A.P.R.R. and second for the K.P.&W. The train will arrive at Maybrook where the train will be split. K.P.&W units will pick up their cars at Maybrook while block 1 will continue on to the A.P.R.R.  

MB-1 awaits it's crew while passengers await their next train. Seeing the Evans coil car up front tells us that Shapeless Steel Products will getting at least one empty car back.

A freight train from Maybrook behind big GE six axle power rolls into the EC diesel yard 

EMD units running lite for fuel and sand rack

MB-1 leaving Empire City. See if you spot where the A.P.R.R. block ends and the KP&W begins 

MB-2 rolls through Empire City en route to Terminal Yard.


  1. Glad to hear rail traffic is up and heavy power is needed! Good for business and for us railfans! I think I noted where the KP&W section started! You know I liked the PC dipped black, but that NH unit is a beauty!

  2. Thanks Ralph, The NH unit is one of my oldest engines. I refurbished it a while back and it continues to run great. It was kind of an orphan and I considering repainting it but since moving into the PC era she fits right in with my PC SDP40 and SD40 and is enjoying a lot of run time.
    So, where does the KP&w block start?

  3. I was thinking with the first clam shell coil car.

    1. Close! The KP&W block starts two cars up from that at about 44 seconds. The first destined for the KP&W is the flat car with two Gulf gasoline tanks on it. Admittedly the Gulf emblem is a bit hard to see as the train rolls past. The gondola with the wheels further back in the block is another attempt to get those wheels up to you.

  4. Took another look. I see the Gulf tanks now! Our riverside facility is prepared to accept them. Great plan to ship the wheels by rail. USPS...not so good lately!