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Thursday, October 23, 2014

NYC H16-44s Need Helpers and a Reading GP40-2 at Empire City Station

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past week saw a big surge in revenue traffic as I broke out my son's Pennsylvania RR rolling stock. Long freight trains were the order of the day. Track capacity was stretched to maximum capacity. Yard masters at Terminal Yard and North Side Yard were up to the challenge and the trains rolled on. Local deliveries were made with a reasonable yard dwell time.

Due to the length and weight of the freight trains some were broken at Shelf City Industrial Area and doubled to get up the hill to Terminal Yard. In other cases a set of Helpers was dispatched to assist the crews in getting the trains into the yard.

Two New York Central H16-44s await a helper crew for assistance with the climb to Terminal Yard. The engineer has radioed Terminal Yard to let them know he is sitting on track 1 and does not believe he has the power to make it up the grade to the yard. The engineer inquires whether to break the train or are there helpers available. The Terminal Yard Master informs the engineer that a set of light engines has left North Side Yard enroute to Terminal Yard and they will act as helpers to assist him in getting the train into the yard.
NYC freight train awaits helpers

Lite Power consisting of a trio of GP30s, a GP35 and a F7A have left North Side Yard and are enroute to Terminal Yard. The engineer has been notified to assist the NYC train.

The Helpers couple up and the train is on it's way 

Reading GP40-2 leads a T.O.F.C. transfer into Empire City Station. This is an Atlas Yellow Box unit.

3672 with 20' containers on chassis running as Trailer on Flat Cars (T.O.F.C.)

The 3672 was a treat for he New York Central Train Layout rail fans as it awaits clearance to proceed


  1. Fun stuff John. You run DC...right? Your locos speed match well. I spent an afternoon trying various units together on my layout until I nailed down which ran well with which. I only run my powered units together in pairs, sometimes with an additional dummy. Nice motive power of all sorts in your pics and video!

  2. Hi Ralph, Layout is DC. I did the same thing testing out different locomotives to see what works best with what. The NYC and PC units are Bachmann Spectrum, the PRR GP35 is Bachmann Plus and the F7 is Bachmann. Both the GP35 and F7 are dummies. I really like the old Spectrum line. Very heavy locomotives with low amp draw. I've added a few train set F7 dummies to the roster over the years by disconnecting the motor wires, removing a gear or two and repainting. NYC / PC had loads of F7s so this is an inexpensive way to add to the fleet. The Atlas Reading GP40-2 runs well with my Atlas SD35s but they draw a lot of amps.
    I'm heading back to the paint shop got a few engines almost ready to join the roster. Thanks for the compliments.

  3. I did that with a couple of train set F7s too. The one pictured below is actually the first HO scale locomotive I owned...a Tyco unit that was originally painted in the fanciful green scheme, circa 1970 when I was 11 years old. I like still being able to run it. Here its coupled with a powered 1980s model Atlas GP38.

    1. Nice!!! Note the 1802 is on the F7 in my consist still in PRR livery. I just painted and lettered a BB GP38 #7682 (I think that's the #) on my work bench as we speak. Actually the shell is for a GP38-2 (don't tell anyone). Agree 100% with being able to run the older vintage equipment even in repaints with modifications. Much better than having it sit in the bottom of a box for eternity. Shoot me you e-mail address if you don't mind. I would like to talk PC / NYC HO modeling with you as we go forward with our layouts and modeling endeavors.