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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Schaefer Beer Refrigerator Car

Greetings Blog Followers,

This weekend my local hobby shop was holding their 17th anniversary sale so after getting the lawn cutting and yard work out of the way I showered and headed for the LHS. I was not looking for anything in particular other than some Atlas Code 100 rail joiners which are still not in stock. So I spent some time browsing the used train section, which has gotten much smaller over the past year. So after digging around and opening this box and that I was pretty much out the door without spending a dime. After a last look at some Lionel HO boxes I came across a refrigerator car that for me was the absolute must have no matter what the price. A Shaefer Beer Refrigerator Car!

For those unfamiliar "Schaefer is the one beer to have when you're having more than one" Schaefer was extremely popular in New York City, (it's home town for many years) and remains one of my favorite beers. Schaefer signs and banners could be found from the Ebbets Field Scoreboard (home of the Brooklyn Dodgers) to Manhattan high rises and beyond.

Schaefer Beer Refrigerator Car 78541 with Atlas L.I.R.R. RS1 #461 (more on 461 in another post)

Schaefer 78541 has had it's steps repaired, received body mounted Kadee #5s,
additional weight and Intermountain metal wheels

Schaefer 78541 and LIRR RS1 461 sitting pretty in  Schaefer City!


  1. I must say a great acquisition was made for the NYCTL. No one can dispute the nostalgia that goes with both the freight car and engine. Enjoy them and make sure the freight car stops at Neal's Lumber. Perhaps swap some beer for lumber?

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with LIRR 461. I'm in the process of converting my own Long Island Alcos to DCC.

  3. I remember the Schaefer jingle very well!

  4. For me the car was a must have. Neal rest assured the car will make it's way to Neal's Lumber and Hardware. Perhaps in time for your next tail gate party. Good luck on the DCC conversion of your LIRR Alcos John. If you have any posted pictures of them send me a link. A great jingle Ralph. Sang it quite often while working on the car and on teh way home from the LHS.