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Sunday, September 14, 2014

North Side Rail Yard at Capacity

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past week saw a huge increase in freight traffic into Empire City's industries resulting in North Side Yard being strained to capacity. The local rail fans had a field day with the heavy traffic into and out of NS Yard while the NS Yard yard master was pulling out all stops to keep the trains moving and the yard fluid.

Photographs from the highway overpass show four tracks occupied with cars spotted on the siding to the right. NYC GP9s and H16-44s idle away the afternoon  

Another photo shows another freight train has arrived and all five tracks are occupied. A string of Pacemaker Freight Service cars in Vermilion and Gray occupy track 1.

Close up of a Pacemaker truck and 40' boxcar

Our highway overpass rail fan has noted another Empire City rail fan with a unique view. 
Wonder who that could be ?

Why it's none other than 1/87th scale Sir Neal of Neal's Hardware and Lumber! Looks like ol' Neal has called in a favor with the electric company for use of their bucket truck to get a bird's eye view of what's going on in and around North Side Yard.

Painters painting, the Oscar Mayer mobile, Sir Neal perched high above while a Baldwin S12 works the team track.  

Pacemaker freight cars being loaded with Less than Car Load freight.

Empire City Skyline with a very busy North Side Yard.

A pair of New York Central Alco FAs arrive at North Side Yard and pull out the Pacemaker Freight Train.



  1. The yardmaster must be puling his hair out! Lots to do! I like those Pacemaker trucks. I've never seen one before. The FAs sure are pretty pulling the Pacemaker train out of the yard. Talk about New York Central publicity shots!

  2. Thank You Ralph!. Would not want to be Yardmaster for this mess! I got the Pacemaker trucks several years ago on ebay. They came in a 4 pack so I grabbed 2. I like the way I have them set against the freight cars. Reminds me of the Manhattan Yards with plenty of reefers and a few truck next to them unloading. First time I've actually done that. FAs are Walther's mainline. Good runners.