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Sunday, September 28, 2014

NL&H. Special

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past Thursday a football game special for the ages was spotted at Empire City Station. With the New York Giants playing at the Washington Redskins Sir Neal of Neal's Lumber & Hardware treated his friends, family and valued customers to a night out they will talk about for years. Sir Neal keeping a close eye on his beloved Giants and noting their recent struggles thought it would benefit everyone if he could put together a cheering section to invade the hostile FedEx Field crowd and root his Giants on to a much needed victory. Any wonder why Eli Manning threw four Touchdown passes, ran in for another one and lead the Giants to a 45-14 win.

Football Specials are nothing new and could be found throughout the country transporting fans to both College and Professional games. Football Specials like the NL&H Special would be the exception rather than the rule.

Neal's invitees congregate Thursday morning at Empire City Station

Neal's customers. friends and family hurry to the platform not wanting tom miss any of the festivities

The line of cars is growing 

The motive power for the NL&H Special will be L.I.R.R. RS1 #461

A look at some of the NL&H head end cars show a PRR X29 boxcar loaded with food and party supplies, BAR "State of Maine Products" boxcar with fresh potatoes 
and a Morrell Meats Reefer holding choice steaks.

A Boston & Albany Express Car laden with lobster and a 50' Reefer filled with Schaefer Beer. Neal had it on good authority that the Redskins were selling expired Budweiser beer from the World Cup and he was proven right the next day. Schaefer Beer featured NY Giants all time all star fullback Ken Strong in it's ads proclaiming "Schaefer to be the finest beer I ever tasted". No wonder Sir Neal insisted on it!

As the crowd continues to grow the Empire City Police Department is on hand for crowd control

The choice spots closest to the platform filled up early. That jade green corvette belongs to PC Ralph, President and C.E.O. of the Kings Port & Western Rail Road 

When word gets out Sir Neal is having party people just can't stay away! 

A Traffic Cop tries to ease the congestion. Looks like a couple of revelers have given up on parking at E.C. Station and left their car over on the West Side. You can see them running down the ramp .  

Traffic is backed up all the way to the West Side and Beyond.

The Empire City Station parking lot is overflowing as last minute arrivals hustle to find a place to park.
The beer truck will remain at the Station for anyone who missed the NL&H Special to drown their sorrows.

A Police Captain with a bullhorn tries to herd the crowd 

The NL&H party gets ready to board. The Baggage car has been converted to a piano bar for the trip 

An old school extra plush New York Central Chair car is sandwiched between two NYC dining cars. With a surf and turf menu Sir Neals' guests will be eating good! 

Sir Neal's Business Car, "Nassau County" will bring up the markers.  

Sir Neal's varnish "Nassau County"  

Looks like a game of catch has started up in the grassy area between the tracks. Kid to the left probably not going on this charter. Looks like he is a Redskins fan. He's probably taking the New Haven train on track 2

1/87th scale Sir Neal in white shirt confers with conductor as he checks his watch.
 Looks like it's just about time to go. All Aboard!! 


  1. Whoo-Hoo!!! What a great day out!!! Couldn't ask for better amenities, what a fine way to travel...and a very satisfying final score! Go Blue!!! I have to say I was glad to get a good parking spot! :)

    1. Good thing you got there early! Glad you had a fun time and enjoyed the game. Nice car By the way! Gotta love those older Corvettes.