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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Penn Central 6190 joins the Fleet

Greetings Blog Followers,

Penn Central SDP 40 #6190 has joined the fleet. Wait, PC SDP40!!! The PC did not have any SDP40s!! You are right they did not but in my 1/87th world they do now. Originally New York Central SDP40 number 7141 made by Athearn and the NYC did not have any SDP40s either. I have three of these six axled brutes, two NYC and one New Haven however over the years the NYC units saw very little run time due to the fact that I did not like their NYC paint scheme and that the NYC never had these units on it's roster. So, that said I was looking to add some six axle power to my PC fleet and decided that I could live with a PC SDP40 a lot better than a NYC SDP40. So off to the paint shop it went and we now have PC 6190 in service.  

The 6190 coupled up with SD40 6282 This angle shows the decals to have a foggy defect in the number 6 and the N in PENN. Some weathering should remedy this.

The unit was given a faded red C logo on the long hood.

Another roster shot of the 6190 now in service.

PC 6190 and 6282 head for Terminal Yard

A power move from Terminal Yard to North Side Yard. 

Another view of the power move from the highway overpass. Caution it was a bit windy this day and the camera is a bit shaky. Note the clam shell coil cars waiting for clearance to enter Terminal Yard. These are the first shipments from Kings Port Steel. The cars originated on the Kings Port and Western and transferred to the Penn Central at Mayfield Yard.


  1. Considering the diversity of the Penn Central locomotive roster I imagine few observers would blink as 6190 went by. It looks good in dipped black and mating worms. I wasn't very familiar with this type of loco but a little research tells me it fits the PC time frame nicely. Any plans to run it with a passenger train?

    Good to see the first shipment of clam shell cars reaching Terminal Yard! I'm in the process of creating my next video and have filmed a segment with clam shell coil coaches being pulled out of the KP Steel holding yard for eventual delivery to the Ford stamping plant. I'm hoping to finish editing and narrating within a week so I can post it. This video will be a rail fanning venture around Kings Port that will catch a number of trains and motive power going by.

    Meanwhile keep those units rolling! I'm rather envious of the size of your engine roster!

    1. Hey Ralph,
      Forgot to add that I really enjoy the humor of some of your industries and commercial properties.
      Also, in your video if you are planning to use PC 3007 I will use same to show it arriving from Mayfield Yard with the coil cars.

    2. That's a great idea!!! So far I have good footage of a yard engine RSD12 pulling several coil cars from the KP Steel holding yard...but I'll film 3007 at the head end of a train bound for Terminal Yard!

    3. EXCELLENT!! I'll hold off on releasing the arrival of my KP&W rebuilds. I'll try to make my 3007 and train look as close to yours as I can and include the KP&W rebuilds. Looking forward to seeing the video!

  2. Hi Ralph, I like the SDP40 in the dipped black with mating worms much better than I ever liked it in the NYC livery. The reason behind this project was to provide a running mate with my BB PC SD40 that I painted a few years ago. Did not consider the thought of running it in passenger service. I just might do that. Thanks!

    The clam shell cars are looking good at this point. I lettered one for KPW (sorry I had no ampersand) and the two newer ones JTRX, an imaginary railroad equipment leasing company. I am looking forward to the next KP&W video installment. I really enjoy these videos and your layout captures the look and feel of 70's railroading. Add in the professional quality narration and these videos are destined for the YouTube hall of fame.

    The engine roster has grown over the years! Mostly Athearn BB, Walther's, Bachmann, Proto and a few Atlas. Many bought used or on some type of sale. Remember when the Athearn BB locomotives cost less than a boxcar costs today! This SDP40 and it's brother have been on the roster about 15 years already. I have been trying to keep costs down and doing so by repainting seldom used engines and rolling stock. Of course there is a Train Show near here next week so who knows what I'll find! Take Care, John

    1. Hi John,

      I have no problem with the lack of ampersands. My earlier KP&W logos with the outline of the State of NY did not include one.

      See illustrative pic (I hope!) [IMG][/IMG]

      I know what you mean about the cost of locos. A good number of mine are Athearn BB units purchased over 15 or more years ago. One of my switchers was obtained in 1982! A recent purchase of a pair of second hand Atlas RSD12s has shown me the light regarding better running locos. I'll be looking for deals like that in the future.

      Ah! The temptations of the train show! We have a good one a couple of times a year at the MN State Fairgrounds. Happy shopping!

    2. Hi Ralph, Picture link worked fine. I really like the RSD12s in your fleet. Great photos of them in action running long hood forward in my PC Power Book.

  3. Interesting "what if" choice for the SDP40 number. I have an old SDP40 body that I've thought about doing as a BN (which had them) scrapped hood for my railroad scrap yard, but if I had a whole BB SDP40, I might think about numbering it in the various gaps around the FL9s or ex-NH electrics.

  4. Hi John, Using those number sequences would certainly work. I chose to stay in the 6000 series as this was the number series the PC chose for it's six axle locomotives.