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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

NYC Pacemaker Service comes to Neal's Lumber and Hardware

Greetings Blog Followers,

Since we back dated the layout there have been some interesting goings on. First up a sales call to Neal's Lumber and Hardware by the N.Y.C.T.L. sales force touting the New York Central Pacemaker Freight Service was met with success. Neal's Lumber and Hardware has been seeing record sales after cornering the market on snow blowers, shovels, ice melt etc during this winter that will not end. Neal's customers have been extremely satisfied with the service and quality of the merchandise and referrals have sky rocketed. Add to that Neal's fine quality lumber products that are now in stock for the Spring rush of home improvements and model railroad building and Neal's shipping and receiving clerks have been working double time. Knowing that he needs to get his merchandize to the consumer quickly and in good condition to be competitive Neal quickly embraced the Pacemaker Freight Service with a condition or two.

During the meeting with Pacemaker salesman Neal was quick to point out that his lumber yard was rail served. Neal told the salesman, your trucks are nice but I want a Pacemaker boxcar spotted here daily, after lunch. When you bring that car you can switch out whatever car you left me in the morning. From now on inbound in the AM and outbound in the PM. Monday thru Friday. No exceptions.

So there it is....Neal's Lumber and Hardware is now a preferred New York Central Pacemaker Service Customer.

A New York Central Pacemaker Freight Service salesman calls on Sir Neal

By lunch time the local is spotting a Pacemaker box car in Neal's Lumber Yard

Neil's material handlers have the car just about ready for the 5:00 PM pick up time. 

The train crew has arrived a bit early today and waits while the final loading takes place

It's time to shut the doors and switch the car

1/87th scale Neal has changed into his overalls and gives his fork lift operator some last minute instructions.

On day two the local crew arrives on time and couples up to the waiting car. Bills of lading are exchanged while the boxcar gets air to release the brakes. The car moves out and another load of merchandise from Neal's hits the rails.


  1. This is a "WIN WIN" for both the NYCTL Pacemaker Division and Neal's Lumber & Hardware! Thanks for letting everyone know, and as a result of this partnership here, sales are going thru the roof(no repairs needed)!!

  2. That has to be the first time I've ever seen railroad service sales modeled! Fun! Have to say that Pacemaker service doesn't mess around! Quick service! Great to see those NYC units working in the video!

  3. Thanks for the comments Neal and Ralph. Having fun naming industries for friends and sharing the layout's doings makes this a great hobby!