Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Dash 8 Days or Daze

Greetings Blog Followers,

The layout time warp into the future continues for a short time longer so please bear with me. I've used this occasion to blow the dust off of some of the railroad boxes with newer equipment that has been purchased over the years. Nice to see them out on the layout and tweak them back into great running condition.

 Conrail #6062 leads CSX #7664 over the Empire City viaduct. Both units are classified asC40-8W or C40-8CW. The Conrail unit was built in 1990 The 6062 went to Norfolk Southern during the Conrail split and has been repainted as NS #8321. CSX #7664 is still on the CSX roster and in the same, while faded, paint scheme. Both models are from Bachmann Spectrum

Dash 8s meet in Empire City

Amtrak 506 is a General Electric B32-8WH. This unit was built in 1991. Amtrak received a total of 20 such units (#500 thru 519) that were quickly nicknamed "Pepsi Cans" because of their colorful paint schemes. They are still in revenue service.  The model is by Walther's

So many trains, so many manufacturers 

A close of Amtrak B32-8WH #506. I added the number boards. The model features the bronze wheels used by Walther's during this release period. In the past they were very troublesome, getting dirty quickly. The addition of a track cleaning car to the consist has kept the wheels and track clean and the engine running smoothly.  

Amtrak 824 and 803 are General Electric Genesis units Classified as P40 DC or Dash 8 40BP  and formerly known as an AMD 103 sue to it's speed rating of 103 mph.

 Amtrak #824 and #809 enter Empire City Station. A whole blog entry would be required to explain the significance of these units to Amtrak. The models are Athearn BB

Conrail C40-8 #6044 leads a rescued Amtrak train into Empire City Station. The 6044 was built in 1989. The unit went to CSX during the Conrail split and is now known as CSX #7497 and painted in the CSX "Dark Future" paint scheme.

A Bachmann catalog shot. Spectrum C40-8, Spectrum F40-PH, Bachmann Amfleet coach, Bachmann plastic cars

Another Dash 8 meet. 

Hope you have enjoyed the time warp into the future on the layout. A couple of Amtrak projects are up next and then it's back to the 1960s. Stay tuned

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