Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

NYSW B40-8s Make A Guest Appearance

Greetings Blog Followers,

A trio of New York Susquehanna and Western (NYSW) General Electric B40-8s have made a guest appearance on the New York Central Train Layout using the time honored model railroader time warp..

The models; NYSW 4002, 4006 and 4008 (renumbered from 4006) are Walther's Train Line products. Walther's sold only the 4002 and 4006 numbers. I have owned them for about 15 years and they have not had much run time since I started focusing on the late New York Central early Penn Central period (with exceptions from time to time). Originally and again today they run smoothly right out of the box. When purchased the units came with horn hook couplers and sparse details. I have added number boards and Kadee couplers.  

The Prototype; The NYSW acquired a total of four General Electric B40-8 units built in June 1988 and purchased under order number 1415N. The units were number 4002, 4004, 4006, 4008. The units were painted in the attractive NYSW "Yellow Jacket" paint scheme with a black SUSQUEHANNA on the long hood. The B40-8 or Dash 8-40B was built for high speed intermodal service boasting 4,000 horsepower. It was (is?) the most powerful 4 axle freight diesel built in the United States. The B40-8 is also the basis for the P40, P42 passenger engines. These four units worked for NYSW through the late 1980s, 1990s and into the 21st Century. They soldier on with the Providence Worcester RR.

The NYSW had a total of twenty four B40-8s on the roster, all painted in the Yellow Jacket paint scheme. All twenty four engines, 4002 through 4048, were numbered in even numbers only.The original four, 4002, 4004, 4006, 4008 were purchased by the NYSW. The remaining twenty, 4010 through 4048, were built in April 1988 and purchased with financing from CSX to operate stack trains. At the time NYSW was temporarily operating the D&H and stack trains were run over the Conrail Southern Tier via D&H track rights. When CP took over the D&H the track rights were lost and these twenty units went back to CSX where they soldier on today.

The last yellow jacketed B40-8 was the NYSW 4006 (P&W 4003) which remained in the original paint until December 2006 at which time it was repainted in P&W colors

NYSW B40-8s travel through Empire City via New York Central Train Layout track rights.

Passing 102 Penn Ave on left which is still under construction.

Looking good heading through downtown Empire City 

A close up of the trio with 4002 in the lead

Built to haul "Stack Trains" The NYSW B40-8s are comfortably doing what they were designed to do. 

The tail end of the intermodal or "Stack Train" features some Containers with chassis riding TOFC style 

3 diesels, two single well cars and the front of an APC 5 car set. Well cars come as singles, three car sets and five car sets.

The rear on the train on the famous Empire City viaduct 

NYSW B40-8s in action


  1. Do you have the original sintered bronze wheels on these? I think Walthers wound up putting plated nickel silver wheels on later runs of the FAs and F40s, but I don't think they ever changed the wheels on the B40s. If you've got the original wheels, how are they working out for you? Sounds like you may not have had any problems.

    1. Hi John, Yes all 3 units have the bronze wheels. In years past and on older layouts they were a pain. Right now they have been on the and running nicely for almost a week without any issues. The key I believe is the home made track cleaning car I have on the rear of the train (orange WP Boxcar). Since I started adding these cars to my trains everything has run so much better. Not a flickering headlight and no hesitation from the three unit lash up. I usually clean the pad every few days. Look into the track cleaning car posts here on my blog. Easy and inexpensive.