Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Removal Special

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The State Department of Transportation requested assistance in moving it's snow removal equipment from the southern portion of the state, which is unaffected to the northern part which is being walloped with snow and ice. With roads covered with snow and ice moving the equipment by highway would have been perilous at best. The management of the New York Central Train Layout jumped right in to help solve the transportation problem putting together a Snow Removal Special.

The Snow Removal Special on it's way to Empire City. Two New York Central GP20s are the power and a snow plow has been placed at the front of the consist

Heavy equipment including bull dozers, front end loaders, snow plows with salt spreaders are loaded up and on the move. 

A road grader, some more front end loaders, a fuel truck and some supply trucks. 

Highway Department trucks, covered hoppers with sand and tank cars with diesel fuel.

Two more covered hoppers with sand and a NYC caboose brings up the rear.

The Snow Removal Special arrives at Empire City North Side Yard. After a crew change the train will be of again.  

Snow Removal Special heading for Empire City

Snow Removal Special arriving at Empire City's North Side Yard.

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