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Friday, December 20, 2013

Incident At Neal's Lumber and Hardware

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A recent incident at Neal's Lumber and Hardware brought in the Empire City Police to mediate the situation. Seems Neal has just taken possession of his private passenger car "Nassau County" and was eager to show it to his friends. family and customers. Instead of trying to get everyone permission to access the rail yard Neal had the car spotted on his lumber yard track. However a rooking police officer not wise in the ways of the model railroading world saw the car blocking the sidewalk and decided to take action. Not finding a license plate the rookie officer was unable to issue a parking ticket. The officer then went to speak with Neal himself. Neal suggested that the rookie call his supervisor. In short order Neal's friends from the police department and the chief took care of everything. The rookie officer has been transferred to a hidden staging yard.

Neal's Lumber and Hardware, featuring bench work lumber for the discerning modeler, has become the center of controversy. The Empire City Police have paid Neal a visit after they observed that Neal's 85' passenger car is blocking the sidewalk. 

 A close up shot of the "Nassau County"

Discussions continue as a local train crew stand by on the left. The train yard is across the street from Neal's Lumber and Hardware. Naturally. Neal explains that he is getting a new sign installed later today and will be blocking the sidewalk anyway. So why not let the car spend the night?

 The following morning Neal's new Coca-Cola sign is in place and the police have returned to make sure the car will be removed per their agreement.

A truck gets ready to be loaded while the passenger car drama plays out.

The conductor checks his watch as he waits for the engine to arrive 

The locomotive has arrived and the train crew holds traffic while the car is coupled.

The "Nassau County" has been spotted on a reversing siding to be turned.

The "Nassau County" is coupled onto New York Central passenger train to begin it's journey to Florida where Neal and the conductor will be vacationing.

Florida Bound

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