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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neal's Lumber & Hardware

Greetings Blog Followers,

The Empire City Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the long awaited opening of Neal's Lumber & Hardware. Located within the downtown area of Empire City Neal's Lumber & Hardware offers quality building supplies to both the homeowner and tradesman.

Neal's Lumber & Hardware is a subsidiary of the Atlantic Pacific Railroad and named after A.P.R.R. owner and C.E.O. Neal M and is of course rail served. Being a model railroader himself, Neal makes certain that he provides the very best lumber available to his fellow modelers. One of the Company's slogans is, "Bench work lumber for the discerning modeler"

Neal's Lumber & Hardware open for business and expecting a rail car of lumber any minute 

 Neal's front entrance with Neal himself peeking out the window waiting for the train to arrive.

Railroad employees hold traffic as the train approaches.

One of the company's advertising slogans. Model railroaders from around the world swear by Neal's high grade lumber.

Neal's employees prepare to load up a local shipment on the back of a flatbed truck.

Customer's loading their pickup while checking out the fence section.

Neal's flat bed truck sits adjacent the rails

A local contractor stops to check out the train action prior to entering Neal's Lumber & Hardware.

Traffic is stopped and it appears the train will appear any second.

A 50' flat car of fresh cut lumber is being shoved towards Neal's yard by a Penn Central GP38-2

Penn Central #8150 shoves the car into the yard. PC #8150 is the newest locomotive of the New York Central Train Layout fleet.

PC #8150 has nosed into the yard and spotted the car. The brakeman will apply the brakes and release the coupler pin to free the engine.

The engine has been cut off the flatcar and heads back to the North Side Yard. 

 Another view of Neal's Lumber & Hardware. Note the Model Railroader billboard and the very nervous trees.

A nervous tree stands tall

Neal's Lumber & Hardware is now a rail served industry located in the heart of Empire City. How Neal got the City to approve the rail spur into his yard that blocks city traffic is another story altogether.

Neal's Lumber and Hardware was built from a Walther's Walton and Sons Lumber Cornerstone building kit. The buildings that surround Neal's are from City Classics, Bachmann Spectrum, Design Preservation Models and Walther's.     

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  1. The pics of the entire area look great! I'm glad to see the staging tracks in front of the lumber yard worked out.