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Friday, July 19, 2013

New E Units For The Layout

Greetings Blog Followers,

The New York Central Train Layout is pleased to announce that two new E units have arrived and been put into service on the layout. Both units are from the Life Like (pre Walther's) Proto 2000 line and are an E7A and E8A. The units were acquired used but are in excellent shape. The units were stripped of their original Southern paint and repainted black and lettered for the Penn Central using Microscale Decals.

Penn Central on the New York Central ? Yes, the fact is I grew up in New York and 1969 was a great year for me and the city as a whole. The Jets won Super Bowl III, the Mets won the World series, The Knicks won the NBA Championship in the 1969-70 Season. Muscle cars abounded. The railroad that was there for it all was the Penn Central. The PC was the talk of the town, although the talk wasn't necessarily good. I remember more about the PC then the NYC and that is why I include it on the layout. Additionally the Penn Central is the perfect bridge to use my NYC equipment and Conrail equipment. The PC was in the middle of it all.

 Southern Railroad E8A and E7A run lite to Terminal Yard for forwarding to paint shop

The E7A brings up the rear

The units are now known as PC E8A #4317 and PC E7A #4210

The Es pull a passenger train towards Empire City Station. The E8A has received new Farr Air Grills from Plano.

The Es have been separated and are in revenue service. The E7A leads a PC (ex PRR) B60 baggage car and a consist of NYC and PC passenger cars into Empire City Station. The E8A has a NYC Flexi-Van flat and a consist of NYC, PRR and NH passenger cars out of the station 

PC E8A 4317 with a Flexi-Van plus in tow

The new Es coming, going and earning their keep

 Close up of the E8A. The unit has had it's paint touched up as it had a very weathered look after it received a shot of Testor's dullcote. This is possibly due to the outside humidity when the dullcote was applied.   

Close up of the E7A


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