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Monday, June 17, 2013

New Penn Central Diesels

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The New York Central Layout Purchasing Department recently contracted with Neal M Diesel Consultants  to independently test one Bachmann DCC GP38-2 and one Bachmann DCC GP40. Upon completion of rigorous testing N.M.D.C. issued a satisfactory report and supplied links to facilitate the purchase of new engines.

The new PC diesels arrived on Father's Day and were put to the test today. Out of the box both the PC GP40 and GP38-2 ran well. The GP38-2 is a little more detailed than the GP40 and a little quieter as noted in the N.M.D.C. review report. Both ran well singly and M.U.ed. The diesels were assigned a 15 car freight train which they handled with ease.

Later in the day the Penn Central Train master authorized a none unit power move with the GP38-2 and GP40 providing the power. Once again the new diesels handled the assignment with ease.

 Bachmann DCC GP38-2 #8148 and GP40 #3007 lead a freight train on the upper level

Bachmann Plus GP35 #2320 rounds out the power trio 

EMD Power on point of freight train Two newest PC diesels facing forward with older GP35

PC GP38-2 #8148

Latest arrivals put right to work

Penn Central Power Move...GP38-2 on point with GP40 right behind

At the crossing just before entering Empire City Station

Two EMD F7s in the middle of the power move

 Two GE U-boats bring up the rear of the power move

A special guest tucked in between the EMS and GE units, an Alco RS2 

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