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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Broadway Limited Calls at Empire Station

Greetings Blog Followers... Empire City rail fans were rewarded today when the Pennsylvania Railroad's flagship passenger train, the "Broadway Limited" called at Empire City Station.  Word went out yesterday that the "Broadway" would be diverted due to track work and would arrive today in the early morning. 

EMD E8A # 5700 leads the Broadway Limited into Empire City Station
 1 of 2 Baggage cars on either side of an R.P.O. are the head end cars on today's Broadway Limited  

No longer all sleepers a Broadway Limited parlor car is now part of the consist

Sleeper car "Paul Revere" is part of today's Broadway Limited consist. On a personal note this was the very first Pennsylvania car I purchased for my son. His PRR empire has grown steadily ever since.

A heavyweight observation car brings up the rear of today's "Broadway Limited"

The Railway Express Agency meets the Broadway Limited track side to unload and load express packages.  Not wanting to break up the train and take the cars to the R.E.A. platform the R.E.A. agreed to meet the train. This will allow the Broadway to keep to it's tight schedule.  

Engineer and Fireman check their watches as the R.E.A. concludes it special loading.

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