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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Rolling Stock / Old Favorites

Greetings Blog Followers,

Below are a couple of photographs of some new additions and old favorites currently running on the layout.

A Quartet of Pennsylvania Railroad Merchandise Service Boxcars on the head end of the  
"Gotham Limited" 

The "Gotham Limited" moves through Empire City 17 cars strong

 A Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K-4 Pacific leads the "New Yorker" over shark infested lower tracks

An A-B-A consist of Fairbanks Morse C-Liners power the "Gotham Limited" through Empire City

C-Liners passing Empire City Caterpillar Corporation's building and yard

An REA Express 50' Boxcar is part of the head end traffic on the "Gotham Limited" 
This car, an older Roundhouse model, is a new addition and has metal wheels and Kadee couplers added

 A four way meet just outside and above Empire City Station. New York Central Sharks lead a passenger train into the station while B&O Sharks are pulling a passenger train from the station. On the upper level the K-4 lead "New Yorker" passes the "Gotham Limited"

 3 new Merchandise Service cars join a 4th on the head end of the "Gotham Limited". The cars are by Mantua and have been upgraded with Metal Wheels and Kadee Coupler Boxes.

A new 50' Mechanical Refrigerator is now added to the NYC Roster. The car is by Bachmann and has been upgraded with Kadee Couplers

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