Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

American Hardware Supply II

Greetings Blog Followers,

Walther's has made good and the replacement decals have arrived. Here is a photo of the latest building with an additional decal added...



Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Building...Amercian Hardware Supply

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past week I was able to paint and assemble a new building for the New York Central Train Layout. The building is a Walther's Cornerstone background structure. Background structure meaning that the building is shallow, has no rear walls and meant to be placed against the back of the layout. The building is marketed as "River City Textiles" but the kit included decals for other names including American Hardware Supply. Here are a few photos...

A close up shot of American Hardware Supply. The building was brush painted using hobby acrylics. The doors and water tank were spray painted with standard rattle cans.  

The American Hardware Supply sign is a decal supplied with the kit. The decal sheet however was damaged upon receipt and the additional decals for the building were ruined. The manufacturer's customer service has been contacted and a new sheet of decals are on the way.  

A 50' Boxcar ready for loading has been spotted in front of the building

American Hardware Supply is now ready for additional decals, weathering and final layout placement. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shark Week !!

Greetings Blog Followers,

Citizens of Empire City have been nervously approaching the New York Central tracks as the word is out that Sharks have been sighted. The police chief is thinking of closing the stations. The citizens are fearful of that a knock on the door may hide the dreaded Land Shark on the other side. So far there have been no casualties and only an occasional dorsal fin sighting.  The city council is considering hiring a private contractor to find the shark(s). The contractor say he will find the shark for two thousand dollars. But for ten thousand dollars he will catch him and kill him.

Coincidentally The New York Central System foreman of engines reported the theft of an RF16 locomotive last night. When the train was leaving the yard the perpetrator was heard yelling "The taxidermy man is gonna have a heart attack when he sees what I brung him"

Empire City rail fans however know better and are flocking track side to catch a glimpse of these elusive predators....

A New York Central RF16 A-B-A lash up leads a passenger out of Empire City Station. The RF16s were nick named Sharks due to their unique nose profile. Built by Baldwin Locomotive works to compete with  EMD F units and Alco FA units the NYC sharks were built in 1951-52 and served until 1967 when a number were sold to the Monongahela Railroad. 

A shark infested station. An A-B-A consist leads the New England States into Empire City Station as the station agent on the left checks his watch.   

The New England States leaving Empire City Station behind a 3 shark lash up

The New York Central Sharks swim under the pedestrian bridge with a passenger train "right on the advertised"

Sharks at rest.

A nice shot of an A-B-A lash up of Baldwin RF16 Sharks as they await clearance to depart with the New England States passenger train 

 Not be outdone rival Pennsylvania Railroad roars into Empire City with an A-B Shark lash up.  

An A-B  Shark lash up pulls into Empire City Station with train #135, the West Side Mail Train  

The B&O joins the fun by sending the Royal Blue out behind spiffy looking A&B sharks.   

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Broadway Limited Calls at Empire Station

Greetings Blog Followers... Empire City rail fans were rewarded today when the Pennsylvania Railroad's flagship passenger train, the "Broadway Limited" called at Empire City Station.  Word went out yesterday that the "Broadway" would be diverted due to track work and would arrive today in the early morning. 

EMD E8A # 5700 leads the Broadway Limited into Empire City Station
 1 of 2 Baggage cars on either side of an R.P.O. are the head end cars on today's Broadway Limited  

No longer all sleepers a Broadway Limited parlor car is now part of the consist

Sleeper car "Paul Revere" is part of today's Broadway Limited consist. On a personal note this was the very first Pennsylvania car I purchased for my son. His PRR empire has grown steadily ever since.

A heavyweight observation car brings up the rear of today's "Broadway Limited"

The Railway Express Agency meets the Broadway Limited track side to unload and load express packages.  Not wanting to break up the train and take the cars to the R.E.A. platform the R.E.A. agreed to meet the train. This will allow the Broadway to keep to it's tight schedule.  

Engineer and Fireman check their watches as the R.E.A. concludes it special loading.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Rolling Stock / Old Favorites

Greetings Blog Followers,

Below are a couple of photographs of some new additions and old favorites currently running on the layout.

A Quartet of Pennsylvania Railroad Merchandise Service Boxcars on the head end of the  
"Gotham Limited" 

The "Gotham Limited" moves through Empire City 17 cars strong

 A Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K-4 Pacific leads the "New Yorker" over shark infested lower tracks

An A-B-A consist of Fairbanks Morse C-Liners power the "Gotham Limited" through Empire City

C-Liners passing Empire City Caterpillar Corporation's building and yard

An REA Express 50' Boxcar is part of the head end traffic on the "Gotham Limited" 
This car, an older Roundhouse model, is a new addition and has metal wheels and Kadee couplers added

 A four way meet just outside and above Empire City Station. New York Central Sharks lead a passenger train into the station while B&O Sharks are pulling a passenger train from the station. On the upper level the K-4 lead "New Yorker" passes the "Gotham Limited"

 3 new Merchandise Service cars join a 4th on the head end of the "Gotham Limited". The cars are by Mantua and have been upgraded with Metal Wheels and Kadee Coupler Boxes.

A new 50' Mechanical Refrigerator is now added to the NYC Roster. The car is by Bachmann and has been upgraded with Kadee Couplers

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Greetings Blog Followers,

Happy New Year to All.

Priorities for the layout this year are adding a mountain to one corner, a small yard to the peninsula and realigning some tracks in one of the shelf portion industrial areas.

Priorities for the rolling stock fleet is to continue with the metal wheel and coupler upgrades . This actually started about 8 years ago and continues to this day. At this point there are not many cars left with plastic wheels and couplers.

Priorities for the blog are to learn to work my new camera and keep the posts timely, informative and fun.

Here are some of the last purchases for 2012

 B&O 86' Auto Parts Boxcar

  B&O 86' Auto Parts Boxcar

N&W 86' Auto Parts Boxcar

L&N 86' Auto Parts Boxcar

WSRC 86' Auto Parts Boxcar