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Friday, December 28, 2012

Daring Daylight Burglary Thwarted

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A daring daylight burglary at the Belvedere Hotel was thwarted by the quick response of the Empire City Police and Sheriff Departments. The authorities were tipped off by a local citizen who noticed a man climbing into a top floor room from the rear fire escape. The police quickly responded and confronted the suspect as he exited the building via the rear fire escape. The suspect attempted to flee back into the hotel but quick acting police had already cut off that escape route. A confrontation ensued and the Police and Sheriff Swat Teams both responded and locked down the hotel and parking lot. As the Swat Teams got into position the suspect realized the futility of his situation and surrendered. 

A photo of the suspect as he tries to flee the hotel which has been surrounded by the Police

A Police Commander with bullhorn, lower right, communicates with the suspect as a Swat Team sharp shooter, left,  keeps a trained eye on the suspect. 

Police and Sheriff Departments units blocking off the street while suspect is given a final notice to surrender 
 Police and Onlookers have gathered at the scene. Note sharp shooter on roof at top of picture.

The Hotel is locked down

Police trying herd onlookers from the scene while they conduct business. "Nothing to see here folks, Please move along and cooperate with your Police Department."

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